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Giveaway! Free goats!

This contest is over for nows, but check out our Meet and Milk the Goats tour if you love goats!

Yes, believe it or not, we are going to do a giveaway for two doelings-little girl goats.  You have to be local so you can come pick them up although I guess if you want to pay all the money for shipping you’re welcome to it lol!  These babies are a la mancha/boer cross and their mother is an amazingly good producer of milk.  The babies are about 2 months old now and very friendly.  They’re good eaters, which is why we weaned them so young.  They practically skeletonized their mother and now they are eating hay without a problem.

So why would we give away two goats that we could just as easily sell?  

Well, our family was sitting around the table discussing our mission as a family and as a business.  Our mission is basically to encourage people to be more self-sufficient and more in touch with farming.  What could we do to achieve this mission?  We want to encourage others into farming and we decided a great way to do this would be to give people farm animals!  It’s the price that is prohibitive to a lot of people and there’s no cheaper than free.  Each of these babies would probably sell for $75-100 so this is a pretty awesome giveaway.  Plus we’ll give you a free tour of the ranch when you pick up your baby.

So what do you need to do to get your goat?

To enter to win:
1) Like Flip Flop Ranch on Facebook (if you already like our fb page, share the post on your own page)
2) Sign up to follow us (via email, bloglovin’, Google +, pinterest, etc. options on right sidebar)
3) Leave a comment below as well as a way to contact you if you are the winner
4) We’ll announce the winners on Friday Aug 9!
Here’s some extra credit!  If you want to win a free breeding for your goat to one of our bucks, get one of your friends to enter to win and leave a comment saying that it was you who twisted their arm to do it!
The two winners will be chosen at random from all entries on Friday, Aug 9th.

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  1. Alicia Felton says

    I’d love to win the goats! I have 1.2 acres in AV and we are trying to get started with a garden, chickens for meat and eggs and goats would be a great addition!

    • Randie Hodge says

      I would love to win a free goat but I will also pay for a miniature I live in Jackson, TN and goats that have been well taken care of are hard to find. Please contact me 731-571-0974 Thank you

  2. Shelly W. says

    My kids would love to have a kid of their own! She’d have a great home here alongside our ducks, chickens and hopefully some day, cotton patch geese from you guys. Going to twist a friend’s arm now!

  3. Tammy Lopez says

    What a great give away! We just recently moved to Apple Valley and are excited to finally have a few animals. We only have 3 baby chickens and a baby turkey now – but my husband has been wanting a goat. When I saw this I thought it was perfect timing! Even if we don’t win, I’d like information about bringing the family to see your ranch – I think it would be fun!

  4. dirtroadmama says

    As a fellow High Desert resident since 1998 I’ve grown up blinded to the beauty, nature and opportunity of our lovely area. About 2 years ago I started taking Ag classes at VVC which changed my life. I grew to love my home. I promised myself and my family that life would be simpler less hectic, less processed. I can’t THANK Flip Flop Ranch enough for the added inspiration to add on to my already frazzled mind of “wanting-to-do-and-what-nots”. I’m planning my gardening for next year, have mad scientist like thoughts of what could be and GOATS… OMG do you have any idea of what I could do with goats…homemade soap, milk, cheese…the possibilities are scouring my brain already! Goodness… Can I just homestead myself & family at Flip Flop Ranch? Ah and the breeding! Oh boy… Lil babies could bring multiple opportunities that could come with that! Smiles. Big big smiles on this side of the screen 🙂

    • toolone says

      The above lovely person is my wife, Misty Brooks aka “dirtroadmama”.

      This will be Misty’s second recommendation. The first comes from ‘Ms. Leira’,

      She has pulled me by my ear and sat me down to vouch for her desire to have this goat that you are offering on the giveaway. I can personally vouch that my wife or our entire family for this matter is not wanting a goat just to say “…hey, look at my cute goat”. She is desiring this beautiful creature as part of our working family. Take no mistake, it too, shall be showered with love, affection and attention as our other family members; 5 children, 5 dogs, 4 cats, 1 Guiana Pig, 2 horses, 12 chickens and some koi fish. My wife feels that its important to get back to self sufficiency for sake of teaching our children as well as an overall well being. Myself, I have started to take lessons in self teaching of the hydroponics systems and aquaponics for indoor gardening.

      My points;
      1) A trip and tour of your ranch/farm will spark more creativity and intuitive for our entire family.
      2) Goat and such breeding will allow added family benefits of learning to work with milk to create wholesome products for the entire family.
      3) The point of this Flip Flop Ranch giveaway is to add and teach to ones self-sufficiency; this will indeed add to a whole family.

  5. Ssirevaag says

    Our family would love to add a goat to the family. We are new at the home growing and producing, but i am trying to learn as much as i can and do as much as i can on my own to teach my kids the same thing, how to not depend on super markets and others to live. How to grow, preserve and repurpose what is needed. My husband said if I can get chickens he wants a goat, so it would be perfect since I am building my coop to add the goat for him soon as well 🙂

  6. Destiny Danal says

    My family and I would be honored to have such beautiful babies join our home! We really love what the Flip Flop Ranch does with educating people how to start making the steps away from the super markets and the processed way of life. We share your ideals and are working on starting our farm life. My daughter is in 4-H as I was before when I was a child. We have 10+ years experience with livestock and have a barn stall and nice sized pen waiting for them should we win! We also co-op farm here in Apple Valley, Ca and can all summer and into the fall which last u through most of the winter. As an added note I would have starved as an infant if it wan’t for my mother having a La Mancha that had just had a kid, goats milk was all I could hold down. 🙂 Here’s hoping that we win a new addition to our family and to the Flip Flop Ranch for encouraging others to get a little closer to the earth!

  7. Alex Hargis says

    I am new to the farming scene but my wife has been doing it for years. I first milked a goat at the LA County Fair and ever since then I have thought that they would be a great edition to our farm. Looking forward to seeing the Flip Flop Ranch again soon!!!

  8. Kevin Enright says

    My family just moved to Lucerne Valley and we love it. I look forward to teaching my 2 kids(age 4 and 2) what the rural living life is like. I grew up in FFA and had my own sheep and goats. I would love to win the goats to raise on our own. I would also love to bring my kids out to visit the Ranch and get some hands on.

  9. Ms. Leira says

    I’m poking about for my daughter’s step-mum (Mysty B.). I’m a city-mouse, but they’re starting their farm up there in Phelan and I would love for them to have a goat and for my kiddo to have the opportunity to learn how to care for one and bond with one.

  10. Kim says

    Oh, this would be awesome to win! I’d love to let my son show her. I live in Hesperia and you could come by to visit anytime!

  11. LindaRod says

    I live in VV. I am just trying to get started on this whole “self-sufficiency” thing…lol. I am ashamed to say that while my family members are NOT at all afraid to get dirty – we are real city slickers at heart! lol I’m hoping I can win a goat in hopes of lighting a fire under our butts to work harder at being a self sufficient family!
    Thanks for this contest! =)

  12. iDiGmyGARDEN says

    HI! we just moved to Victorville and i would LOVE to surprise my daughter with a goat for her birthday on August 7 (party on august 10th)! i actually found you when i was looking for a farm to take her to for a day-of-birthday outing for the family!! I hope we win!

  13. Lisa H. says

    What an awesome thing to do! We’re in Acton and have been talking about getting goats again; For milk production this time around. We’ve raised pygmy goats for show and boer x for meat during the 4-H years. We’ve missed having goats and are looking forward to getting animals back on the property again.

  14. christina polasky martinez says

    Hi it’s me Christina the one with the roosters I said I will probably give you if my friends don’t want or if I can’t sell, well being a chicken mommy so far is great my 12 daughter has been wanting a goat or two for years. Now that we got the chicken thing down times time to move up to goats. I want to learn how to make goat cheese, and drink goat milk, the cheese and eggs will not only be for my family but for others free that are in need. I have 15 fruit tress to start canning and now that I am healing from back surgery my gardern is next also, plus I am going to make a specal chicken garden and plant a tree just for the chickens in their ran. This would mean so much to us, we are in a family break up and this is what the doctor has order. Goats.
    Contact number 323-552-3420. Luv all you do

  15. Anna Woods says

    We live in Oak Hills on 2.5 acres. We have 3 horses, pet Texas Longhorn Cow, Pot bellied Pig (who sleeps in the house), 2 dogs, a cat, red eared slider turtle, 30 chickens, and raising 2 steers for beef. We have a large garden. The only thing I’m missing is milking goat.

  16. Danielle Z. says

    What an awesome giveaway! My family just moved back to the High Desert after 4 years in Montana. We developed a healthy DIY spirit there in MT and it has grown into a deep desire for a simpler, more self sufficient lifestyle. We didn’t own land in MT and (it’s a VERY long story, lol) decided to move back to CA to be near family and begin to live our backyard farming/homesteading dreams. We’re in escrow on a home in Phelan with 5 usable acres and goats are the very first thing I want to start raising! How fantastic it would be to win your two girls to get us started. Thank you for the chance!!

  17. Danielle Z. says

    I think I did everything I need to do to enter. Was already a FB follower so I shared the post, followed along via email with danielle@thehandcraftedhomestead and left the above comment. 🙂

  18. Karla says

    I am new to Mississippi and was raised on a farm and would love to start a small farm with my husband we have two dogs one is a puppy. Please pick me you won’t regret giving me some free goats, chickens, and a few cat’s too so please pick me. THANKYOU,KARLA LOWRY

  19. Carolyn Serrahn says

    I went through quite a tedious divorce 2 years ago and I was able to retain my small 2 and a half acre farm. In the past we had horses, sheep, goats, chickens, cats and dogs. At the present I have 1 cat, 1 dog, and 5 chickens. I would love to take care of those cute little girls and make them part of the family. Thank you for your consideration. Carolyn

    • Flip Flop Ranch says

      Thanks for your comment Carolyn! These goats are at their new homes, but we may be having another giveaway very soon here! I certainly understand the tediousness of a divorce and I’m glad things turned out well for you 🙂

  20. Elena says

    I would love a baby goat thats my dream everyone at school calls me goat and they ask why I dont have one so I decided to get one and it would be sooo much easier if I got a free one. Please give me one.

  21. Janene says

    I would be elated to win a baby goat!!!
    Ive never won anything ever in my life I think its getting close!

    I cant figure out how to sign up ? Clicked on the right side bar but it doesnt have a sign up just takes me to your site?


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We had so much fun hanging out at this farm. I highly recommend a visit here!!
Flip Flop Ranch
We had so much fun hanging out at this farm. I highly recommend a visit here!!


Come here if you're okay with getting up close with animals! That's what makes the experience great.


Flip Flop Ranch


Come here if you're okay with getting up close with animals! That's what makes the experience great.


This was an awesome experience to have! Would highly recommend!


Flip Flop Ranch


This was an awesome experience to have! Would highly recommend!


We had such a great time! It was a beautiful drive out to the farm and was so fun.


Flip Flop Ranch


We had such a great time! It was a beautiful drive out to the farm and was so fun.
Flip Flop Ranch