I have had the fortune to be given three copies of Joel Salatin’s CD Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Teach Your Children to Love Work.  I’m going to keep one and figured why not share the love?  Three winners will be chosen to receive one of these. Keep reading to find out how to enter to win…

Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Teach Your Children to Love Work.  In this practical lecture, world-renowned entrepreneur Joel Salatin shares keen insights into getting your children to love work and to embrace your family’s vision for entrepreneurship. Salatin explains that children tend to rise to the expectations set for them, and he encourages parents to integrate them into every aspect of the family business from the financial and business side, to the day-to-day implementation; to give them a personal stake in the process; to praise their successes; and to create a joyful atmosphere of family labor. Salatin offers great advice for parents to eliminate dawdling, cultivate persistence, and stimulate innovation in their children.

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3) Leave a comment below as well as a way to contact you if you are the winner
The three winners will be chosen at random from all entries on Friday, July 26th.


  1. I’m so glad that Flip Flop Ranch made their home within our lovely High Desert! For many moons I’ve been researching gardening, micro farming and sustainable type living topics but I never went forward with my desires. After having you on Facebook, reading the blogs and just feeling a sense of comfort that we can indeed grow in this desert I’m preparing myself to plan a garden starting the new year. I figured if I get it all out on paper & mapped on an online garden planner I can achieve the goals I want and need for my family. Since the time of starting to read your blogs and such I’ve taken small steps like I have gotten myself some chickens for eggs (can’t do the meat thing just yet) as well when my transportation situation gets better I plan on attending classes that you offer. So in a nut shell, Flip Flop Ranch has been an inspiration for me, thank you! 🙂 Hopefully soon I will make it out with my family to take a tour and learn from the farm!

    P.S would love to be entered for the “Getting your hands dirty” disk 🙂

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