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  • When a Farmer gets sick

    sick teddy bear sick farmer

    Sometimes us farmers get sick. Here’s some things you can do if you have your own farm or homestead to make getting sick easier on the farm.

    Things I like to do when I'm sick

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  • 25 Veggies You Can Plant in November

    Did you know there are all sorts other vegetables that you can be planting right now? While most people are putting away their gardening tools, there really is no end to the gardening season especially in Southern California.

    The best books I've bought for gardening in the desert

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  • Winterizing bees in the High Desert

    winterizing honey bee hive

    We opened up the beehive today to see how the ladies were doing. They seem to be doing really good but were in a terrible mood lol. Bees in a bad mood are no fun so we just let them be after that. No pun intended. Interestingly, hives produce two types of bees depending on […]

    These books got me started in beekeeping

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  • Our new Meet and Milk the Goats tour!

    filtering milk with pillowcase

    Our new Meet and Milk the Goats tour! We’re excited to be offering goat milking tours at the ranch now!  During a goat milking tour, you come to the ranch and meet all the animals, particularly our goat herd.  You get to give everybody lots of scratches and spoil them with treats. After getting to […]

    Good stuff about goats

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  • Destemming wine grapes

    Harvesting grapes at the ranch

    We have four acres of wine grapes growing at our ranch. Wine grapes are common in Southern California, but pretty rare in our area where there is a lot of homesteading, but few commercial level farms. I don’t know if we exactly qualify as a commercial farm, but we sure are trying hard to support […]

  • Getting the cows out on ‘pasture’

    Or Trying to keep Destructos at Bay

    Today was a special day.  We have a small fold (the proper scottish term for a herd) of Highland Cattle here on the main part of the ranch.  They have been stuck in corrals for a bit while we got, what we optimistically call, the ‘pasture’ prepared for them.   (In the meantime, they have […]

  • 26 Sounds that Chickens Make and What they Mean

    Written by Gail Damerow of Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens Chicken Talk Researchers have shown that there are at least 24 different sounds chickens make and maybe as many as 30. While chickens don’t have nearly the vocabulary that us humans have, and their chicken brains don’t allow for abstract and deep conversations, they are […]

    Some great chicken resources

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