flip flop ranch family farm portrait

We come from a long line of farmers who began farming in America in the 1600’s.  They came from a long line of farmers before they immigrated so I think it’s fair to say that farming is in our blood.

Unfortunately, a recent generation broke the line of farmers by raising their kids in the city and we had to learn our farming skills all over again.  It was a steep learning curve and it is part of what has made us want to share what we’ve learned with others!

You might ask what inspired us to leave the city and get back to farming?  Well besides our farmer DNA screaming to be back in the countryside, modern life was taking its toll on our health.  Family members were getting autoimmune issues, suffering from fatigue and generally miserable.

We believed that food and stress were the two major culprits in our flagging health and we also believed that good quality slow-grown food raised right at home plus a slowed down lifestyle was the cure all.

Over the years, we have become more and more food independent and our health has steadily improved right along with it.

Remember I said that the difficulties of learning to farm was part of what inspired us to open our farm to others?  Learning how to be healthy was the other part.  We want to teach people that there is a better way to live and share the things we’ve learned that has improved our lives so much.