A New Baby Goat


Finally the baby season has started. Usually we have babies running around as early as January, but this year it seems everyone wanted to wait until the weather warmed up a bit.  The long awaited baby of last year’s most adorable baby, Aurora, has finally been born.  She’s so cute and tiny I can barely stand it!

baby Nigerian dwarf goat

It was great timing too.  A waldorf school teacher with an upcoming field trip came by for a tour and after seeing this adorable face, how could she not be super excited about the trip?  I can only imagine what the (human) kids will say on monday when  she tells them!

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This is the proud daddy.

nigerian dwarf buck
Daddy goat looking handsome with his goatee and …hay toupee?

This is Aurora’s first kid and she did an awesome job.  She had the baby with no help at all and has been nursing her and been super protective.

mommy goat with baby this is love
Stop it mom, you’re embarrassing me

When Aurora was born, she screamed so loud it practically busted my ear drum. Her baby seems to have inherited her set of lungs.

Screaming baby goat kid
She was not happy about being separated from her mommy

Nothing makes your day quite like an adorable little new life on the farm that you can go out and snuggle whenever you want.  Farming is difficult and there are a lot of sacrifices that have to be made in order to live this kind of lifestyle.  It is these little joys that make it worth it.


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