Our new Meet and Milk the Goats tour!

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Our new Meet and Milk the Goats tour!

We’re excited to be offering goat milking tours at the ranch now!  During a goat milking tour, you come to the ranch and meet all the animals, particularly our goat herd.  You get to give everybody lots of scratches and spoil them with treats. After getting to know the animals and learning about the ranch, you head over to the dairy goats and learn how to milk!

learn to milk a goat

Learn to Milk

A lot of people are a little weirded out about milking at first.  It is a bit strange lol, but you get use to it quickly.  If you’re like most of our visitors, you might worry about hurting the goats by squeezing too hard.  I promise you that you won’t!  Kids (the word for goat babies as well as human ones) are pretty darn rough on their moms.  The rascals use their nose to butt their mom’s udder hard enough to sometimes lift her off the ground.  It sounds a bit cruel, but the mom’s are tough and this stimulation helps tell the udder it’s time to let down the milk for drinking.

Hanging out in the baby pen!

We teach you

The key to milking a goat is to get a good pinch where the udder meets the teat. Since people are a little afraid of hurting the goat, they usually don’t pinch hard enough.  What happens is when they try to squeeze the milk out, the milk squeezes back up into the udder rather than going out like you’d planned.  

Learning to filter milk

Don’t worry, we will be there to give you plenty of pointers and make sure you’re able to milk a goat before you leave!

Once you get the hang of the technique, it’s just a matter of practice and then you’ll be squirting the milk out as quick as a dairy farmer.

The goats actually appreciate you milking them.  It can be quite uncomfortable for them if their udder gets too full and if they don’t have a baby around to drink the milk, a human is the next best thing.  Most goats stand on the milk stand quietly munching some grain while they’re milked.  A few goats get a bit fussy and if you’re not careful they’ll kick your milk jar over!

Proud future dairy farmer

Have snacks too!

After learning to milk the goat, we’ll head in and filter the milk and then you’re welcome to taste it or pour it in your coffee to drink along with the snacks we’ve baked up for you.

We’ve had visitors come to our goat milking tour from all over the world.  Some guests are local from the High Desert, Inland Empire, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.  We’ve also had guests from French Polynesia, Venezuela, Dubai, Ecuador, Ireland, Germany, France, China and more!  To date, we have all five star reviews on this experience so we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy it too!

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