We have been blessed with 8 year olds coming out of our ears.

And yes, I do mean we’ve been blessed.  This year we have had multiple Waldorf schools come to the ranch for their third grade farm visit.  And we have enjoyed their visit so much that we have actually decided to focus on schools!

A Waldorf school, for those of you who don’t know, is a school that follows educational principles laid out by Rudolf Steiner. It is a well-rounded approach to education that involves the whole child–head, hands, and heart.  They are very hands on, very active, kids are constantly doing projects, going on trips, etc.  We have found Waldorf students to be really enjoyable to work with.

Recently, we had the San Diego Waldorf third grade class visit us.

waldorf san diego milk goat

The Kids got to Milk Goats

waldorf san diego school trip farm milk goat stand

And they even built us a new milk stand!

It was such a fun time and the kids learned a lot.  I’m so glad they got to visit and hopefully we’ll be having lots more students coming out to the farm on field trips!