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Our first weddings at the ranch!Featured

It has been a dream for my mother that she has a wedding venue here at Flip Flop Ranch.  There are literally piles of magazines all around the house: Brides, Vogue Wedding Edition, The Knot and more.  This is nothing new, these piles have …always been here or so it feels. I admit, the idea of a wedding venue was not super attractive to me.  It seemed far away from farming and I didn’t want to get into something that had nothing to do with what I’d always dreamed of.  Yet somehow here we are! It just started with one…

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There is a pelican in my trunk

There is literally a pelican in my trunk. I got a call from a friend this morning who informed me there was a pelican on the side of the road with a broken wing. She needed help because it was trying to bite her and of course this is the countryside and there were literally no cops or animal control within a half hour drive. I ofcourse rushed to help as I would for any injured animal, but a pelican? In the desert? I was pretty sure that she had mistaken the animal. She hadn’t. It was a white pelican…

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Barn Weddings at the Ranch!

Our family has always had the dream of hosting weddings in our big red barn.  I mean, I personally would love to have a rustic wedding and get married on the farm..I just need to find a groom! We have finally scheduled our very first wedding for January 2017 and are rushing to get the barn and grounds prepared.  The barn was a mess.  I mean it was a gorgeous mess, but it was still just used as-surprise, surprise-a barn.  That means it was full of tools and junk and various barn related items such as extra supers for the…

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What you should know about giving treats to your chickens

Favorite Treats for Chickens A lot of people want to know what do chickens eat? One thing is treats. Chickens absolutely love to eat treats–most treats. Some they don’t like, but more important, did you know that some treats are good for chickens and others can be dangerous? For example, while chickens love potatoes, you should only provide them with cooked potatoes and for sure avoid any green peelings—just like for people. watermelon green beans tomatoes lettuce potatoes celery leaves meal worms oatmeal carrots apples bananas cauliflower yogurt milk (especially clabbered milk) Worms meat (cooked or not) the mouse you…

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Can a farm to be too diversified?

Diversify, diversify, diversify.  That’s all us small farmers are told to do.  And really it’s great advice, but maybe it’s bad advice too? Monoculture farming Throughout the country, there are giant farms with thousands and thousands of acres of ONE crop.  Thousands of acres of corn or wheat or soy bean or alfalfa or almonds or whatever.  But it’s ONE crop by itself. Monoculture farming is a bad word amongst sustainable farmers.  When you only raise one crop or one livestock, you mess up the ecological cycle of animals fertilizing the soil and crops feeding the animals.  Monoculture crop farms…

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Ever wanted to live like a farmer in Ireland?

This summer was fantastic.  I spent nearly a month in Ireland touring around music festivals and of course….farms.  How could I leave my own farm and not go to another one?  Ok ok I’m obsessed. I ended up on Inis Mor, the biggest of the three Aran Islands, where my friend and I took a horse cart tour.  It was so much fun and so beautiful.  Strangely enough I even got a sun burn.  Who knew that was possible in Ireland? The boat trip across was CRAZY choppy.  I stopped recording when the swells reached about 20 ft I really…

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in Blog, DIY, Farmstay

DIY Gorgeous Wood Kitchen Counter for less than $200

DIY Countertops When our Airbnb guest house flooded, the insurance unsurprisingly gave us peanuts to redo it.  Hiring someone else would have left us with crappy flooring, crappy fixtures and a crappy laminate countertop.  We of course decided to just redo the house ourselves and put in quality work. To do it yourself or not do it yourself One of the big expenses was the countertop, which we priced at thousands of dollars.  I don’t believe I found anything for less than two grand.  So of course I called up my big sister, Tashelle, and said I have an idea…

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in Blog, Bloodhounds

Visiting the vet

A Visit to the Vet Our poor puppy, Agatha, has had quite a tough life. She spent many weeks of her early life at the vet with a flu and now she’s back at the vet with possibly an autoimmune disease. She’s the sweetest dog ever, but that’s strange and worrisome in and of itself as bloodhounds tend to be little knuckleheads that slowly grow out of it into big knuckleheads. I say that fondly of course. The vet suspects Aggie has masticatory muscle myosotis. This is where the immune system sees the chewing muscles as foreign and begins to…

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A New Baby Goat

  Babies!!! Finally the baby season has started. Usually we have babies running around as early as January, but this year it seems everyone wanted to wait until the weather warmed up a bit.  The long awaited baby of last year’s most adorable baby, Aurora, has finally been born.  She’s so cute and tiny I can barely stand it! It was great timing too.  A waldorf school teacher with an upcoming field trip came by for a tour and after seeing this adorable face, how could she not be super excited about the trip?  I can only imagine what the…

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