There is no happier day on Flip Flop Ranch for me than when the cotton patch goslings hatch.  This year started good with a nice amount of eggs in the incubator week 1 and so far has continued good with many pipped eggs. As of right now, three goslings are out of their eggs and every single one is healthy.

It has been a struggle over the years for us to get the hang of hatching goslings.  It’s nothing like hatching chicks which is basically just toss the eggs in and let the incubator run.  Goslings are sensitive and need the right humidity and the right turning and the right temperature and the right cool down periods and the right amount of water sprayed on them daily.  SIGH.  It has been really really hard to figure out how to hatch healthy babies.

Chicks of course need the right temperature and all, but goslings seem much more sensitive.  It’s kinduv like cooking beef compared to lamb.  Sure both need to be cooked right, but you can mess up a lot more with beef whereas if you screw up lamb, you are going to be eating something else.

Every year we’ve had issues with the humidity being too high.  Common wisdom is the humidity needs to be around 65%, but we’ve had to lower humidity to no higher than 50% or the goslings don’t absorb  the yolk in to their belly and they die as soon as they are partially hatched.  It’s tragic.

This year though so far so good and I am soooo happy.  The Cotton Patch goslings are my absolute favorite animal on the ranch.  We will be selling them live as well as for christmas dinner.