Not that any of us are surprised.  You all know about Monsanto, “The most evil company in the world” of course.  Their GMO’s have been linked to fatal kidney disease in humans, tumors in rats and the crop failures cause a farmer suicide every 30 seconds.  Monsanto and their GMOs have been banned in 50 countries.  Not our’s of course.

Monsanto is well known to have the government in its pocket and with Hillary Clinton, it’s no different.
This video is a recording of a speech at the BIO Concention 2014 where Hillary talks about how she supports GMOs.  It’s a bit hard to hear since it’s a convention speech so I suggest you listen to it with ear buds or in a quiet room.

Fortunately for Monsanto (unfortunately for us), they have a powerhouse presidential hopeful/favorite backing them up: Hillary Clinton.

According to The Daily Sheeple one of Hillary’s first careers was working for the Rose Law Firm, with clients such as Tyson, Walmart, and of course… Monsanto!

I am surprised and horrified that so many people who are dead set against GMOs are strong supporters of Hillary Clinton.  Come on people!

Learn more about how bad GMOs are so bad for everyone at Fight Against GMOs.

What do you think?