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  • ali
    July 22, 2014

    These folks sell animal fat :

    My issue with lard is..I try to avoid eating pig (no worries – more for everyone else right??) Of course I do not ask how the food is cooked at mexican restaurants and if it has lard in the beans (and any good mexican place does!) I follow a “don’t ask, don’t know” policy, and live in ignorant bliss 😉
    But we have butter, chicken fat, and seems you can use bison tallow. I am not anti-fat or anti-carnivore. I have a pot of home grown chicken soup on the stove right now. But Crisco…goodness that stuff is straight up poison. It seems most fat in the store is processed to the point where it is no longer food. Coconut oil is good fat, Papa George tuna has good fat, I believe any fat that is a part of the food you are eating is good fat. Any fat that has been separated, heated, blended, bleached and designed to sit on the counter for YEARS and not degrade…super scary.

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