deep bedding chickens

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  • Brooke Alexa
    May 10, 2015

    Bina! Wow, I am so excited I stumbled on your page! My boyfriend and I are new backyard chicken owners, last night was their first night in the newly finished coop! Which was awesome, I finally feel like we can Bo d with them now that they are no longer babies and we can get right I. The coop with them. Last night while holding and petting o e of my girls she purred louder than my cat! It was a very cool first for me! We made the coop raised with a white composite flooring for easy cleaning. And now I just read your post about the deep litter method, which seems like the obvious must for your flock. So my question is with the flooring we have chosen and the fact that the coop is raised off the ground, is the dlm an option for us? Can we do it in our actual coop or should we just use this method in their grass run or do we just keep the run grass? Thanks in advance, your blog is fantastic!!!

    With love,

    • Bina
      May 11, 2015

      It’s so nice to hear people being excited about chickens! They can really be super friendly animals and they usually have buddies amongst the flock that they prefer over other chickens so it’s not just everyone they’ll love. As for the flooring, if you think it can take moisture then I say go ahead and try for the deep litter method. However, if moisture is going to ruin the flooring then you probably won’t want to go with that. If you try it, you may need to put a board up on the entrance to keep straw from falling out. I would definitely keep their run grass if possible because grass is so healthy for chickens! Thanks for enjoying the blog!!!

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