Cottage Industries Permit San Bernardino County Part II

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After visiting the San Bernardino County building today, I am just as frustrated as ever.

When I arrived at Code Enforcement, I was told that I couldn’t turn in an application for the Cottage Industries Permit until I had spoken to and been approved by “The Inspector.”  She would have “questions” to ask, although the woman at county had no idea what these questions were.

I knew this was wrong.  I absolutely knew it.  After all the dealings with county we have had, first of all I would just expect the county worker to not have a clue what she was talking about and second why in the world would a county worker do anything if I hadn’t paid my fee yet?

But there was no convincing her, so I left and waited for the phone call.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive the call this afternoon.  I asked the inspector what her questions were for me.


She was so confused.  She didn’t have any questions for me.  She was calling to schedule a kitchen inspection and I had “turned in the application already, right?”

Umm, no.

She absolutely couldn’t believe the county had her call me without me turning in the application and that they had told me they wouldn’t take the application without talking to her first.  She was very upset and apologized profusely-which I was surprised about.  I have never met a county worker who was ashamed of county ineptness.  Generally they blame it on the person trying to get the permit.

Long story short, I am going to be back at county tomorrow turning in the Cottage Industries Permit.



Note: The inspector told me she required a letter saying that we would abide by the 17 restrictions listed on the Cottage Industries Permit.

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