What we’re planting in April

Here’s our list of April plantings

Bean, bush
Bean, lima
Bean, edible soy
Corn, sweet
leaf lettuce
Pepper plants
Potato, Irish
Summer squash
Tomato plant

There is of course always a risk of frost until the last frost date of April 15 in this area.  There is always a risk after that too, but it decreases significantly.  By mid may there’s almost no chance of frost.  So if you plant warm weather plants be ready to protect them on a cold night.  This year I’m betting on no more frosts, but you never know



  1. I’m in a frost free zone now, but for years I’d get excited about spring, plant seeds out in beautiful, sunny, late March and a frost would hit. Wait til Mother’s Day, they said, but I was impatient. Finally one year I planted tomatoes in March and watched them struggle. Then I planted MORE in May. The ones I planted in May quickly excelled beyond the ones I’d gotten in the ground earlier. 😉

    • That’s good info. I usually don’t have a problem with planting too early because I keep thinking I need to get these planted, I need to get these planted and then I get busy and don’t get planting until May or June lol.

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