“OK, if this freaks anyone out, just say so, but we had the most awesome dinner tonight. Goose.”

A friend of mine who owns babies and grand babies of our Tom Walker line of geese just posted this on facebook.

To me, this is excellent news.  Now I know some of you are vegetarians/vegans or meat eaters who pretend that meat wasn’t once a live animal, so stop reading now if you don’t want to hear a review of how this amazing bird tastes.  As for me, I’m getting hungry…

She continues:

I can not believe how good these are. I was never a fan of eating goose before. We sold one to a restaurant that specializes in local eclectic fare. Fingers crossed they like it. If they don’t, well then there is something wrong.  They are very lean.

Part of the good taste and the leaness, she believes, is that the geese were raised on pasture.  However, she also raised Tolouse geese on pasture and while they were also lean, she didn’t think they tasted nearly as good.  The Cotton Patch geese were leaner than traditional goose, but not devoid of fat with the fat mostly by the tail.

We just talked to the restaurant owner today when we made our egg delivery, and she described hers as “rich”. They will take as many as we can sell them.

Some people might object to eating an endangered breed of goose.  However, my friend states:

I think that the salvation of these old rare utility breeds is in eating them. There needs to be a reason to raise them besides the novelty.