Peas are among the first veggies you plant in the spring. Most cool-season annuals can be sown or transplanted through early May, allowing them sufficient time to reach maturity and be harvested before the excessive heat hits.

The last frost dates here are April 3 (50%) and May 2 (90%.) So one year in two there’s a frost later than April 3; and one year in ten a frost later than May 2. Locals think of April 15 as the “average” last-frost date; that’s when they feel confident about setting out tender plants, realizing protection may still be needed.

The period of possible heat-stress begins on June 21. Cool weather crops will finish their season by this time; while warm-season crops must have root systems well-established in the soil before the onset of high temperatures and hot winds.

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Watch the video on inoculating your pea seeds here.