So why pay a gazillion dollars for beauty products?  Like just about everything else the industrial machine charges an arm and a leg for, when you make it yourself it’s not only way cheaper, but generally healthier and more effective.

Here’s the first home made beauty product I ever made.  More of a health product, but health and beauty really go hand in hand in my opinion.

This is so simple it’s unbelievable, it’s not even technically making anything.  All I did was take baking soda and put it in a mason jar.  Then I dampen my fingers and wipe a little of the soda under my arms.  This simple and SUPER cheap method is the best deodorant I have ever used.

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and is a naturally occurring crystalline compound.

Some people like to put tea tree oil in the soda so you can try putting a few drops in.  This is not only soothing, but helps the soda to stick better.

If you really want to get fancy, you can even put some essential oil in it such as lavender or mint or whatever else floats your boat.  Some people say adding cornstarch to the mix will fight wetness from sweating.

No preservatives, no aluminum, no nothing that will hurt you.  I also haven’t had any problems getting the baking soda on my clothes.  It’s possible, but it comes off easier than deodorant anyhow.  And I find it lasts until the next shower unlike regular deodorant.

You could put holes in the mason jar lid and create a shaker. I find for deodorant that this is too messy. If you want to do an all over deodorant treatment in the shower though…


This is all I do.

Easy and simple