A Visit to the Vet

Our poor puppy, Agatha, has had quite a tough life. She spent many weeks of her early life at the vet with a flu and now she’s back at the vet with possibly an autoimmune disease. She’s the sweetest dog ever, but that’s strange and worrisome in and of itself as bloodhounds tend to be little knuckleheads that slowly grow out of it into big knuckleheads. I say that fondly of course.

Aggie nice and fat

Agatha nice and fat before she got sick

Agatha bloodhound

Agatha dropped probably a good 20 pounds in a couple weeks

Driving Aggie to the vet

Driving Aggie to the vet

The vet suspects Aggie has masticatory muscle myosotis. This is where the immune system sees the chewing muscles as foreign and begins to attack and destroy them. It becomes difficult and painful to chew and the dog doesn’t want to eat or can’t even open their jaw to eat. This explains why Agatha has gone from a fat little roly poly bloodhound to just absolute skin and bones.


Test results


We should find out the test results today so I will post them as soon as we do. On the bright side, our veterinarian is in Laguna Beach area so I got to get out of the desert and saw some beautiful scenery.

Laguna canyon California

Laguna beach laguna canyon California

Laguna Canyon is gorgeous


I just picked Agatha up from the veterinarian’s office. I was so happy when Aggie walked out on her own wagging her tail. The vet said he was amazed at how fast she responded to the medication.  He also said if we ever want to give her up, he would take her as a pet because she is such a sweet dog! I don’t think that is going to happen.

woman with bloodhound serina harvey

Now Agatha will be on immunosuppressive medications for the next six months and hopefully it will calm her immune system down enough that she will not need any more medications after that. She will  always have the scars of the disease though as the muscle on top of her head will never come back. So now we can call her a bonehead and it will be accurate!

As a thank you for all hours of driving and all of the money spent, Agatha immediately peed on the seats of the car. Ah well, you can’t put a price on love.

woman kissing bloodhound

Another Update

Agatha is doing sooooooo well.  She is eating like crazy and running around the house making a mess.   Her bones don’t seem to stick out quite so much so I think she’s already putting on weight.  Considering how much she’s eating now I’d be surprised if she hadn’t already gained five pounds in just the few days she’s been treated for this disease.

She is a new dog.