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  • Time To Plant for Fall

    Most people don’t realize that gardens are a year round deal.  Typically we think that we plant in the spring and then that’s it.  If you miss the spring planting, you have missed the boat and have to wait until next spring for a garden. THAT’S NOT TRUE Gardens are year round.  There is a vegetable […]

  • What should I plant in March in my High Desert garden?

    For High Desert planters, this is what I suggest: Bean, bush Bean, lima beet, Cantaloupe, Carrot, Chard, sweet corn, Cucumber, leaf lettuce, spring peas, Pepper, Irish seed potato, Radish, Rhubarb, Rutabaga, Spinach, Summer squash, Tomato plant, Turnip, Watermelon Some of these might need some protection if a frost hits so pay attention!  This would include […]

  • Do plants feel?

    Do plants feel…? Do vegetables feel…? Do they have thoughts? Do they communicate, feel pain, detect danger, experience fear? What about… love? It’s far easier to accept that animals have feelings. We know when they’re excited, we know when they experience pain, and anybody who has ever had pets can easily recognise their love. But […]

  • August garden

    I am SO excited.  I love summer gardening because squash and melons are so easy to plant and grow (excepting the rabbit attacks), but there is way more variety in the cooler months.  Here is what we’ll be planting in the month of August: Bean, bushBean, polebeetBroccoliBrussel SproutsCabbage seedsCarrotCeleryChardChinese CabbageCorn, sweetCucumberkaleleaf lettuceOnion, green bunchPea, fallRadishRutabagaSpinachTurnip

  • Sunken Garden Beds

    I decided to try something different this year with my garden.  Last year I had raised beds.  It worked great for having soft soil and it wasn’t too much work because I just dug out the paths and piled it onto the beds so I didn’t have to bring in soil from somewhere else.  However, […]