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  • 2015 Cotton Patch goslings are here!

    There is no happier day on Flip Flop Ranch for me than when the cotton patch goslings hatch.  This year started good with a nice amount of eggs in the incubator week 1 and so far has continued good with many pipped eggs. As of right now, three goslings are out of their eggs and […]

  • Care of sheep in winter

    We finally got some rain here in the desert.  Crazy right?  Okay, well it sprinkled for a while.  It was enough to get the ground wet and the pig pens are nothing but mud…I need to go put some straw down. We have lots of sheep here, mostly Navajo-Churro, a good desert breed.  So what […]

  • What should your New Year's farm resolutions be?

    With 2014 a thing of the past, our family has never been so happy to see a new year.  Almost every single person in the immediate family and many of the extended family have dealt with a surgery, accident, financial disaster or something else bad this past year.  We celebrated the new year with more […]

  • Winter is Coming-8 Tips for preparing your farm for winter

    This past storm that blew into the desert may have come and gone, but  we can be sure another one is coming with even colder temperatures.  It’s easy for us desert rats to forget how harsh the winters here are after the extreme heat and sunshine of the summer.  Sure it’s not a Vermont winter, […]

  • Free-Range kids

    Recently, we hosted a group of elementary kids.  It was so much fun.  They got to feed the animals, collect eggs, milk the goat, learn how to make mozzarella cheese, harvest pistachios from the tree, pet the kittens, and so much more. While everyone seemed to love the trip, the teachers were curious about the free […]

  • Health and modern farming

    milking a goat mason jar

    While obesity is on the rise, ironically so is malnourishment. It is strange how such well fed people can be lacking in basic vitamins and minerals. This malnourishment is contributing to issues as severe as cancer or to the daily misery of chronic fatigue syndrome. We all know that the modern diet of most Americans […]

  • How you should store your eggs

    I lived in Ireland for a few years and one of the things that shocked me the most was going to the grocery store and seeing unrefrigerated eggs sitting on the shelf. I thought it was almost barbaric and I couldn’t imagine how many people got sick from such a backwards practice. Now I know […]

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