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  • How you should store your eggs

    I lived in Ireland for a few years and one of the things that shocked me the most was going to the grocery store and seeing unrefrigerated eggs sitting on the shelf. I thought it was almost barbaric and I couldn’t imagine how many people got sick from such a backwards practice. Now I know […]

  • Update after the Surgery

    So a lot of you have been asking for updates from after the surgery and I have just been in too much pain and too tired to provide it for all of you until now. For those of you who don’t have a clue what is going on, my wonderful beautiful horse Tarik had a sore […]

  • Tarik, the culprit who broke my arm

    It has been very frustrating to have this broken arm.  I am not allowed to do anything except sit here and “keep it elevated.”  I can’t feed the animals, I can’t even brush my own hair. I certainly can’t go out and ride my horse. It is very depressing in a way because I have […]

  • Farmer Safety and My Broken Arm

    As I sit at my computer, awkwardly attempting to type this article with one hand, I am inspired to reflect on the dangers of farming.  Granted, my arm is broken from training a horse, but livestock injuries are an all too common part of farming and this is definitely not my first farm injury. Dealing […]

  • Farmville vs. Real Farmers

    I have never been a big fan of the online game, Farmville.  I just could never see the attraction to it when I had my own farm right outside.  If I wanted to farm, I just needed to walk outside and go fill up a waterer or muck a pen.  However, somewhere around 60 million […]

  • How to fatten pigs

    Fattening Pigs In the past, animals were seen to have two distinct phases of their lives: Growing the frame and Fattening.  Animals would be raised in near starvation situations for years until it was time to put fat on, in which they would then be fed all the food they needed in order to reach […]

  • Why you should eat Lard

    I don’t know what it is about pigs, but I love raising them.  Of all the animals we have, pigs have been the easiest to take care of, needed the least attention and hey, they give us bacon.  But don’t forget the other fantastic product they give us: Lard Eww lard, right?  I know that’s […]

  • Free Farm Related Books!

    These are free ebooks on Amazon that I thought were pretty cool.  Double check the price before you purchase as the deals are limited!   [amazon asin=B00LR68G7K&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00IDC8QBC&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00BWZ9XKA&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00LLNR2VA&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00KBH71AE&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00AFCBDY0&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00AFB6HS8&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00LVI0IX4&template=iframe image]

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