So as a consummate marketer, I decided to join Scottie of Farm Stay US as she traveled to the LA Times Travel Show.  This show is where different travel groups or destinations can flaunt their stuff.  Scottie is the great white knight of agritourism, fighting to support little tiny farms like ourselves.  Farm Stay US showcases all the farms around the country so that visitors can find them to stay the night and put a little bit of money in the farmer’s lint-filled pockets (or more like hay-filled).

Our first day at the show has gone fabulously (excluding the tuberculosis outbreak in downtown LA yikes!).  People seemed really interested and I got to hand out tons of our business cards.  I even brought a basket of our farm fresh eggs and Scottie was educating people about the different colors.

The best part of the day (besides the awesome hamburger at The Counter) was a wonderful lady named Anna-Marie who agreed to teach me about canning.  As she said, “If it doesn’t move, I can it.”    Yes!  She says canning is a dying art and I am so excited that somebody who is an expert is going to teach me all about it.  I have the basics down, but she said that I “could use a little help” as she shook my jar of syrup-like jam.

I can’t wait until she visits and I sure hope tomorrow at the show goes just as well!