Good grief I’m tired.  We started at 10 and I only sat down once before we stopped at 5.  All day long I gave my little speech about what farmstays are and how fun they are and how important they are because they help to keep farms in business and food on the table.  I had that spiel down pat before the end of the day!  I think I’m going to be saying it in my sleep lol!!

But it really went well.  I am very happy with people’s reactions and I’ve already had emails about booking for this summer when we will have availability again.  We have been really discouraged recently about the farmstay because of a few complaints and bureaucracy problems, but the amount of interest from people at this show reminded me of how successful a farmstay can be.  People’s excitement was contagious and it was re-invigorating for my motivation.

Picture 67

Scottie from FarmstayUS convincing people of how wonderful farms are!