Rode Tarik again today and this time I just walked him.  And I was only on him for probably fifteen minutes.  It was long enough for my muscles to notice though.  Pathetic I know, but horse riding actually works a lot of muscles.  This is an illustration of the muscles used in riding, although I think it’s more than that and I’m certainly feeling it right now.  Hence why I’m minimizing the time I spend riding until I build up some muscle.

I think a lot of people quit riding because it really is such a workout.  I also think that’s why people get so mad and frustrated and plain pissed off at their horses.  You’ve never seen someone as angry as a horse owner.  I’ve seen horses kicked, punched, jabbed with a screw driver.  And I really think it’s because people are so much more fatigued than they realize.  When you’re become frustrated with your horse, try riding for less time.