The farmstay guesthouse flooded!


I haven’t posted much about this even though we’ve been struggling with it since january. I was walking past the farmstay guest house and noticed water leaking out the walls.


I ran inside and there was just inches of water covering the entire first floor. Disaster! I was so upset.


The hot water heater’s heating element had shorted out and water was just pumping out.


We’ve had to tear out and replace the carpet and the dry wall.


The kitchen cabinets had to go and we are replacing them-well at least the bottom ones. The top ones of course didn’t get wet.

farm kitchen renovation

It’s been a LOT of work. And of course the insurance company is giving us peanuts to fix everything so we’re doing it all ourselves. And I know nothing about construction lol! It’s been quite a learning curve.

HOWEVER, we are doing it! My sister is here helping and she knows everything about this stuff so she’s our foreman. We have lots of woofers (volunteers from the woof organization) and friends have been out to help. It’s coming along slowly but surely!

friends and volunteers at the farm



  1. We love you! I’m glad to be helping out and learning lots of knew things about construction! You guys rock! Also, I’m excited that my picture is on this page. :p

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