I gave a farm tour today to some wonderful people from a homeschooling Waldorf group from Topanga Canyon, CA who are considering bringing their whole group here for a field trip.  I love Waldorfers.  It’s a style of teaching that is very hands on and very connected to nature and to doing REAL things.  Very much how we teach the kids who visit the farm.

There were three adorable little munchkins who just ran all over the farm loving on the animals, especially Bologna the pony.  The kittens were of course the big winners.

homeschoolers at the farm field trip

I really love waldorf because the kids are so aware of the world around them.  Many times the kids who visit Flip Flop Ranch are totally disconnected.  They often walk outside (if they walk outside) and look around at the sticks and rocks and dirt and see nothing but sticks and rocks and dirt whereas waldorf kids see art projects, swords, bats and baseballs, broom sticks, fairy hills and more.  I really want all the kids who come visit us to leave with more of this imagination and more ability to enjoy nature, not just be educated about nature.  I want them not to be environmentalists, but people who actually love the environment.

waldorf homeschoolers at the farm