Apologies: I’ve been away exploring the world

bike at nyhavn copenhagen denmark


I have sorely neglected this poor website.  I had the amazing opportunity to get away from it all and spend a month touring europe and doing photography.


Me by Carrickfergus Bridge in Northern Ireland


I started my trip in Ireland where I got to catch up with some old friends and then photograph a wedding.  What an amazing experience.  It was so similar to weddings here in America, but different in a lot of ways too.


An Irish wedding in front of a castle!


After that, I took the train up to Northern Ireland where I did a couple’s shoot of a woman and her…ghost pirate husband.  I’m not joking.


Amanda believes she’s married to the 300 year old ghost of a Haitian pirate.


After that interesting and slightly crazy experience in Belfast, I flew over to England and spent a week with my wonderful friend Rachel and her amazing family.


Rachel and mom on her mom’s birthday trying out rhubarb ale


It was so nice to just relax and spend time with caring people.  And read kids books over and over and over again haha!


Pretty much all I did for an entire week in england lol


After England, I headed over to Denmark where I photographed another wedding. They had some very different traditions than us such as cutting off the toes of the groom’s socks.  I have no idea why, but it was hilarious!


Cutting off the socks of a danish groom lol


After the wedding, I headed back to Copenhagen and got to spend some time there with lots of Danish friends riding bikes and exploring all the sites.


Dang, that’s a big viking dude


I also went up to Hamlet’s castle where they put on a live interactive Hamlet play.  Absolutely amazing.  Honestly, I would go back to Denmark just to see that again.


King Claudius looking grumpy after murdering Hamlet’s father

I then met up with a recently married couple, an Icelandic woman and her Danish husband.  We did after wedding photos in an amazing Danish forest and lakeside.


Sunlight filtering through a danish forest on this exquisite couple

I spent the night at their hyggelit (that is danish for cozy) apartment before heading back home via Iceland…


Iceland-Maybe the most dramatic landscapes in the world

…to the heat of California.

Super super amazing trip.  It had its tough moments, like when I lost my passport on a bus in London, but overall it was refreshing and calming and a great vacation from the difficulties of running a farm.  Sometimes you need to just get away from it all and travel is, in my opinion, the best way to go.


The Copenhagen skyline

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  1. wow Serina! what an amazing trip! The memories are endless both for you, your visited company and for those of us who traveled along via photos and words. You have captured an incredible journey and your photographic captures will carry on this experiences legacy for many years to come. Thank you for sharing with us this gorgeous adventure.

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