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  • Karen Kelly
    February 27, 2014

    Back in the 1950’s through the late 1960’s my father John Kelly was instrumental in keeping the Red Dorking breed alive. We lived outside of Syracuse, New York and always showed many different breeds at the New York State fair. When we moved south in 1967 he sold out his Red Dorking flock. I never heard whether the breed survived. I was on a blog about chickens and saw that other colored Dorkings were still viable. I wrote in and got a reply that your farm might have some of the Red Dorking and that you might sell some for breeding. I would be interested in finding out more about what you have. If possible please contact me at either my e-mail or my cell number (864) 230-3104.

    P. S. I saw on your web site that you now have a baby lamb. I raise St Croix /Dorper sheep, and have 7 lambs so far this year. I also have two Duroc pigs, Sliver laced Wyndotts, Road Island Reds and Americana chickens. And the usual band of drop off cats (15 fixed cats) and two Great Pyrneese dogs. I was raising Irish Dexter cattle before I started raising sheep. So I am following in my Dads footsteps. Hope to hear from you when you have some time.

    Karen Kelly

    • Flip Flop Ranch
      March 31, 2014

      Argh! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond. I read this and was super excited to hear from you, but then got busy and forgot to reply. We actually just had our gorgeous red rooster eaten and I’m heartbroken, but we have a lot of his red dork descendants so I’m hoping for a nice rooster to come out of that. His genetics were very strong and turned half our flock red lol. I got my reds from a man named Troxel. Gorgeous birds. I’d be happy to help you out with some chicks when we’re ready, but in the meantime you can order eggs from him.

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