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Health and modern farming

While obesity is on the rise, ironically so is malnourishment. It is strange how such well fed people can be lacking in basic vitamins and minerals. This malnourishment is contributing to issues as severe as cancer or to the daily misery of chronic fatigue syndrome. We all know that the modern diet of most Americans is unhealthy. In fact, the average American is deficient in at least three vital nutrients. Data on American eating habits show that we prefer a one item meal, already prepared. Vegetables are side dishes and Americans don’t have time for something so superfluous.  In just…

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Treating ant bites naturally

I hate these little suckers and of course the fire ants are even worse.  This morning I was pulling weeds in an area where there is a pipe leak so there is grass and weeds everywhere.  I waded into that area to save our Texas Wisteria vine from being overrun and got overrun myself…by dreaded ants.  Now my foot is itching like crazy.  Benadryl itch spray didn’t help and who knows what is in that crap anyways.  I typically try vinegar as most of the ants here have a base venom.  But there are some ants with an acidic venom…

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