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in Blog, Horse riding

Sequoia's Progress I

I’ve been doing a lot of round pen work with Sequoia, our newest sort of rescue horse (sort of because she wasn’t being abused, she just needed a good home).  She is well trained, but she was trained by a strong man and doesn’t respond to a sissy girl like me.  She also doesn’t have respect for a sissy girl like me so I’m having to teach her that even a sissy girl can command respect.  And she’s really starting to get it.  Her biggest problem is wanting to turn and face me.  She was taught this by her last…

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in Blog, Horse riding

First riding lesson today

I know horse riding is a bit off from a farming blog, but hey.  You want to know what a southern california farmer does?  She takes horse riding lessons.  I had my first one today-or at least my first lesson in a while.  I took a few months worth of lessons when I was in college and learned how to not kill myself on a horse.  The rest of what I learned was through reading, reading, reading and a few videos.  I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on horse books.  Yes horses, my true passion in life.  I don’t think anything really excites me as much as…

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in Blog, Horse riding

Riding lessons

I’ve decided that to continue my equine workout routine that I’m going to sign up for actual riding lessons.  This will help keep me on track as well as teach me more about horses and how to work with them.  I signed up for dressage lessons as it is a very education-based style of riding.  It is very technical and detailed and focuses you on learning exactly how to control a horse.  Just what I want and need to know.  I mean who doesn’t?  How would you like to get in your car and the car decide that it doesn’t like…

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in Blog, Horse riding

Frustration with horses

Rode Tarik again today and this time I just walked him.  And I was only on him for probably fifteen minutes.  It was long enough for my muscles to notice though.  Pathetic I know, but horse riding actually works a lot of muscles.  This is an illustration of the muscles used in riding, although I think it’s more than that and I’m certainly feeling it right now.  Hence why I’m minimizing the time I spend riding until I build up some muscle. I think a lot of people quit riding because it really is such a workout.  I also think that’s why…

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in Blog, Horse riding, Natural Health

Overdid it

I did my horseriding workout today, but like everything else in my life I overdid it.  I should have just walked, but I insisted on trotting.  I should have ridden for a few minutes and instead I rode for a half hour.  Now I’m totally wiped out.  Still, I’m glad that I followed through and rode.  If I can keep it up then I should begin getting stronger and stronger and maybe actually feel like a human being again.

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in Blog, Horse riding, Natural Health

The horse workout

So I was thinking that it’s time I got back in shape.  I was doing so good for a long while.  I’d lost 100 pounds and was keeping it off with hardly any problem.  I was active and becoming more active as I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was getting it under control.  Then in 2008 disaster struck.  An idiot of a doctor prescribed me a medicine that caused a horrible potassium deficiency.  Potassium is necessary for your muscles to work.  I became so weak that I couldn’t even pick up a toothbrush to brush my teeth.  I lost…

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in Blog, Livestock, Pigs

Fascinating fun facts about pigs

* Baby pigs appear very greedy when they are competing for food from their mothers. For this reason the words “pig” and “hog” have become associated with greedy behavior. * Pigs have a well developed sense of smell. They can find things underground and have been used to find truffles, a French delicacy, or to sniff out drugs in service to policemen * Soldier pigs have gone to war. On battlefields, they have used their sensitive snouts as mine sniffers. * A mature pig has 44 teeth. The canine teeth, called tusks, grow continuously and are sharpened by the lowers…

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in Blog, Farming, Gardening

Growing commercial lavender

We are always starting new projects here at the ranch.  Mainly because I get bored with old projects, but also because some enterprises succeed and others don’t or because we don’t like certain projects after we start them or because we have empty space or….  I think you get the idea.  So we’ve always wanted to grow lavender.  It’s beautiful, smells good, it’s a good tourist attractor and it’s even edible.  You can also reportedly make pretty good money per acre.  However, I don’t know anything about it so I’m going to blog about it as we research and discover…

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in Blog, Gardening

August garden

I am SO excited.  I love summer gardening because squash and melons are so easy to plant and grow (excepting the rabbit attacks), but there is way more variety in the cooler months.  Here is what we’ll be planting in the month of August: Bean, bushBean, polebeetBroccoliBrussel SproutsCabbage seedsCarrotCeleryChardChinese CabbageCorn, sweetCucumberkaleleaf lettuceOnion, green bunchPea, fallRadishRutabagaSpinachTurnip

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