I woke up early before the sun was up to get some beautiful pictures of the sky and enjoy the quiet of the desert before the farm animals wake up.  I wish I’d had more time as the sunrise was extra beautiful and the weather extra perfect which is rare in the extreme desert.  But alas, I had to teach my psychology class at Victor Valley College.


After a super interesting class on false memories and cult methods for brainwashing members, I headed back to the ranch to keep working on our renovations.  The bathroom is looking good with a beautiful blue grey color.  And look at that gorgeous sink faucet we just installed!


Installing a bathroom vanity

I love the industrial looking lamps we put in.  It’s the perfect combination to go with the more elegant look we’ll get from all the trim and bead board that will eventually go up.  I have no construction skills whatsoever so luckily I had my wonderful sister to teach me.  It was surprisingly a piece of cake.  Number one, turn off the electricity.  I probably would have forgotten…  Then take off the old fixture, disconnect the wires and reconnect the wires by twisting them around each other.


  Slip on the wire caps, screw the new fixture on and voila!


I can’t believe Lowes offers installation for something so simple!


Isn’t it cute?  I love the Edison bulbs and the glass lamp covers look like electric wire insulators.


It seems like adding such beautiful lights to the farm is the perfect way to end a day that began with the sun’s beautiful light.