Thanks for your interest in woofing at Flip Flop Ranch!  We couldn’t do what we do here without woofers and we appreciate all the help they give and hard work they put in.  We have had some of the most awesome people here and love meeting new cultures and hearing new stories.

Why we have woofers

Farming is really difficult and farming without much help is impossible.  There’s a reason why farmers have so many children!  Unfortunately, I don’t as yet have any so it is usually just me and my mother that live here with my sisters and a few part time workers coming in and out as projects require them.  Woofers really help by pitching in and relieving some of the workload.  We only have a few woofers throughout the year, usually when we have a big project that needs to get done or when I’m really tired and need a bit of a break!  I hope this helps you see how important your work is to us!

Why you should come to Flip Flop Ranch

Our ranch is right for some people and not right for others.  Flip Flop Ranch is located in a very isolated area of the Mojave desert, far away from the hubbub of the city and tourist areas.  It is quiet                           with the loudest sound being the geese honking.  There aren’t many people around (occasionally the neighbors stop by on their afternoon stroll) and a lot of your work will be done in quiet solitude.  For some people this sounds amazing and for others this sounds horrible.  If this sounds amazing, then come visit!

Please download our Wwoofer Employee handbook and learn more about the farm and what you’d be doing!