Term Paper – 01


      Death is not something anyone really wants to think about yet it is an inevitable part of life.  Existential Psychologists believe that many mental illnesses arise because people aren’t willing to deal with the reality of death and “if one fears death, then he also fears life.”  This essay is to help you understand how others deal with death, how you deal with death and how you can help others deal.  Please read chapter 17 in the textbook and watch the Easter video from High Desert Church.


  • Why do most people dislike talking and thinking about death?
  • How do people’s fear of death make them also fear life?
  • How does this lead to mental illnesses?
  • How do Christians deal with the concept of their own death (answer based on the HDC video)
    • What points stood out to you in the video?
  • Pick another religion (including atheists and agnostics) or culture and describe how these people deal with their own death
  • What do you fear most about death?
  • How do you deal with the concept of your own death?
  • Explain some problems experienced by family and friends as they cope with the death or dying of someone dear to them.
  • How can you help someone through bereavement?
  • Explain Kubler-Ross’s five stages of dying (these 5 stages are what everyone goes through when they grieve, whether they are dying or not)
  • What should you and shouldn’t you say to someone grieving?
  • Read at least two additional articles linking to what you have learned and what you know—reference these.
  • Make explicit connections to the text—reference these.
  • This essay should be three pages in length.


For all of these points (except when asking for your personal feelings and thoughts), please do not just make something up.  Find information from Chapter 17 in your textbook and/or look for books/journal articles on the internet.  I want you to answer based on well-established evidence so that when you are in a situation of counselling someone who is grieving or dealing with death, you can feel as comfortable as possible.


To find the Easter video:

  • Go to www.HighDesertChurch.com
  • Click the link for “message library”
  • Click the “2011 special services” box
  • A window should pop up, click “week 2”
  • This should be the Easter Podcast.  You can download an audio version and listen to the podcast or click on the video version to watch the videocast.  The videocast of course takes longer to download.  You can also click on the video player and watch it from your browser.


*Please remember both in the paper and in your personal reaction that this essay is not about religion.  It is about how people deal with death and religion is the primary vehicle through which most people cope.  To be a successful psychologist, you must be able to understand, discuss and expose yourself to other’s religions.  Even if you believe the religion described in either the video or the religion you choose is wrong, horrible, disgusting, ridiculous, etc. please keep these opinions to yourself and focus on the assignment.


**Do not leave watching this video to the last minute.  It is a large file (40 minutes) and you may have problems downloading it.

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