Syllabus and Frequently Asked Questions

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Intro to Psych 101 Winter 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What text book should I get?

I teach directly from the Kosslyn text book and this is the one I suggest you purchase. However, the other ones generally follow the same outline and cover the same material. If it is going to take a while for the Kosslyn book to come in the mail, start reading the online versions.

When are the exams?

Check your syllabus, they are on there.

What chapters are the exam on?

Check your syllabus.

What do I need to do if I’m absent?

You can be absent twice before you are kicked out of the class. You don’t need to tell me why you’re absent.

Which Kosslyn book do I need to get?

It is a black/grey cover with a man holding his hat.

Which Gottman book do I need to get?

How Marriages Succeed or Fail. There are many different editions with different covers. They all say the same thing.

Does the library have a copy of the book?

You will need to check.

What is the app I need to get?

You need to purchase the Reef Poll app, which enables you to answer multiple choice questions right on the screen in the classroom.