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Sigelman Chapter 3

Sigelman ch 17

Sigelman ch 14

Sigelman ch 12

Sigelman ch 11-personality

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Sigelman ch 2


Sigelman ch 14

Chapter 13 Morality



Exam 2 date April 21

Exam 3 May 14

Exam 4 June 11


Intelligence/Cognition videos


Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Chapter 13

Extra Credit Paper

  • Bringing up bebe
  • Assignment:  Write a thoughtful response about the parenting ideas presented in Bringing up Bebe.  How were you parented and how does this compare?  How do you feel these parenting ideas would work?  Do they make you feel uncomfortable or would you embrace them in your own parenting style?  Does it change anything about the way you do or will parent?
  • Make sure you address specific ideas in the book and don’t just write generally about parenting.  I want to see proof that you have read through the book.  5 points per response per chapter up to 50 points.  Each response should be 1-2 pages.

Extra Credit Gift Card

  • A gift card (to wherever you choose with whatever amount) in order to donate to a local domestic violence shelter.

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