Thanksgiving turkey

bourbon red turkey

Whole Free range Turkey $8.50 per processed lb (about 10lbs)

We are taking reservations for our heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2017.  The earlier we know you want a turkey, the better we can plan.  We are offering Bourbon Red turkeys, fully processed and plucked.  Bourbon reds are an amazing tasting turkey that has been endorsed by Martha Stewart.  She said she won’t have anything else for Thanksgiving and that’s exactly what our customers say too.


Turkey Deposit
When would you like your turkey?

TURKEY FACTS                                      

  • Turkeys are fed a fresh diet of grass, fruits and vegetables to enhance the taste and nutrients of the meat.
  • Dressed turkeys weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.
  • Turkeys cost $8.50/pound-$50 deposit
  • They will be ready one to two weeks before Thanksgiving or Christmas.


  • We ALWAYS sell out! Please order your turkey as soon as possible before the pick up date.
  • Order above and pay deposit with paypal or in person
  • Pick up your bird on pick up day and bring a check for the remainder of your bill.
  • Technically, you are buying a live bird from us-however, we are willing to butcher them for free and assume you want this service unless you otherwise specify.



  • Pick up takes place on TBD, between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • If you can’t pick up your turkey at this time, arrange for a friend to do so.
  • Pick up is on a first-come, first-served basis, unless you stop by the farm earlier to pick out your turkey!
  • FFR does not offer deposit refunds to customers who cannot get a bird of a certain weight.
  • The turkey comes already processed and plucked although you’re welcome to join us for our processing class
  • Come early for the best selection.

If you have never eaten a Heritage Turkey, now is a good opportunity to try one. Don’t be confused with “feed mill’ turkeys sold as a heritage turkeys..

Properly raised Heritage Turkeys take 28 weeks to become a well proportioned and nutritious, table bird. Compared to an average of 16 weeks for the Broad Breasted Whites that dominate the stores, a properly balanced diet, is key to development. Our turkeys enjoy all the bugs and grasses they can find.

For most people a turkey is a turkey, and a Heritage turkey is not really a specific breed, but is a term used from years ago, before the Broad Breasted Whites were developed for massive meat production. The large whites and bronze of today are never raised to maturity; never have a chance to range. Hence the meat texture tends to be very soft or even mushy; breast meat is usually so dry that most processing plants add a brine solution to give it a little more taste. Heritage Turkeys have a finer and a more dense meat, dark meat is actually reddish to maroon in color. The skin is thicker with a good chew. They are not inserted with a “brine solution to give them flavor”.

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