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Our CSA program allows you the opportunity to more directly support our livestock production efforts through season long memberships and monthly pick ups around the High Desert area.  By joining our Meat or Egg CSAs you are supporting our family farm and ensuring that each month, you receive an amazing array of the best possible meats and eggs from animals that are raised the right way: with access to wide open spaces and free from hormones and antibiotics.  CSA shares include lamb, beef, pork, and chicken.

**Whole Shares, Half Shares and Egg Only Shares are Available**

Meat CSA Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between us, the farmers and you, the eaters.  Families and individuals who join the CSA  receive a share of the meat and/or eggs raised on our farm each month during the CSA season.  In exchange, members sign a contract for a 6-month share, agree to pay in advance and enjoy our healthy, flavorful meats all season long.  Both partners share in the risks and rewards of small-scale farming.

Why join Flip Flop Ranch’s meat CSA? Our CSA is for people who love animals and happen to eat meat, too.  Flip Flop Ranch’s CSA provides an excellent way for you to have a steady supply of meat that you know for sure has been raised humanely and without hormones or antibiotics.  Besides, our meat just tastes great!  By joining Flip Flop Ranch’s CSA you are helping to sustain a local family farm.  Your CSA membership is an investment in a vibrant, sustainable local business.

What does being a member mean?  As a Flip Flop Ranch CSA member, you are part of our farm.  You will receive a share of our meats each month based on the subscription package you’ve ordered.  Your payment early in the season allows us to continue to raise the highest quality heritage meats available.  In addition to your meats, you also receive a weekly newsletter with recipes, preparation tips, farm news and announcements.  Additionally, as a CSA member, you receive a 5% discount off retail for any “add-on” items ordered with your monthly CSA delivery.  CSA members are invited to attend events at the farm throughout the season and our end of the year potluck for members, friends and neighbors.

What is included my a Share? We offer several different CSA packages to fit your lifestyle. Each share will contain a variety of cuts that will differ from one month to the next.  Your share each month will be a mix of meat types and cuts that will vary with the seasons…that’s the beauty of eating local and in season.  The box has a guaranteed amount of meat from our several species of livestock: beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  You will not receive meat from every species each month, but you will receive a variety of cuts from each of three price points: “steak”, “roast & braise” and “ground”.  (see our attached sheet for a complete list of cuts in each category).  If you would prefer not to receive meat from a particular species, let us know.  We will gladly exempt one species from your CSA share.

Full Share:  A full share contains 20 lbs of meat in a variety of cuts for a family of 4 or more.  Your monthly share is valued at $200 and generally, your share will contain the following:

  • 4lb “steak” cuts–steaks, chops, rack of lamb, etc…
  • 6lb “roast & braise” cuts–roasts and meats for a big Sunday dinner
  • 10lb “ground” meat–perfect for burgers and meatballs

Half Share: A half share contains 10 lbs of meat in a variety of cuts for 2

Your monthly share is valued at $100 and generally, your share will contain the following:

  • 2lb “steak” cuts–steaks, chops, rack of lamb, etc…
  • 4lb “roast & braise” cuts–roasts and meats for a big Sunday dinner
  • 4lb “ground” meat–perfect for burgers and meatballs

Egg Share: An egg share provides you with a guaranteed supply of our amazing, yellow yolked, omega 3 rich, absolutely delicious eggs. Each egg share will provide you with a dozen eggs each week for 26 weeks. 

Holiday Specials for Share Members:  As a CSA member, you have first choice for all of our holiday offerings.  You also receive special discounts on our holiday offerings by pre-ordering—receive a 5% discount or   you  may elect to exchange all or part of 1 month’s share towards the following:

  • Leg of Lamb–Spring
  • Heritage Turkey–Thanksgiving or December
  • Standing Rib Roast–December
  • Other special requests by advance order


Can I specify which cuts I want in my share?  No, we’re sorry.  The mystery element is that you don’t know exactly what species or cut you’ll get each month.  One month you might receive lamb chops and a whole rabbit as part of your share, and then filet mignon and pork sausage the next month. We make every effort to distribute cuts randomly and fairly, but we cannot guarantee exactly which cuts you will get in a specific month.  We encourage you to dust off your recipe books and get creative.  And we’re always here to help if you have a cooking question or need a recipe idea.

We do allow you to exchange 1 month’s share for a holiday offering such as a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving or a leg of lamb for Easter.  Please notify us by April if you plan to exchange 1 month for a Heritage Turkey so that we can reserve a bird for you.  Our Heritage Turkeys take many months to raise so letting us know early helps us plan our season.  Our Turkeys are very popular and sell out early in the season and we want to make sure that every CSA member has an opportunity to order a turkey.

Organ meats and offal are not included in your share, but if you would like to purchase these as an add-on you will receive a 5% discount on the purchase.

What does a CSA share cost and how do I pay for my share? A full share is $1100 for a 6 month share.  A half share is $575 for a 6 month share.  CSA shares can be paid by credit card online or by a check made payable to:

Flip Flop Ranch

PO Box 1187

Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

A non-refundable deposit of $400 for a full share or $200 for a half share will reserve your share.


Where can I pick up my Share?  You may pick up your CSA share on the farm in the High Desert or you may visit us at one of our Drop-Points.  You may elect to have bi-weekly or monthly CSA deliveries.

Our Summer CSA Season begins June 1st and ends in November

Saturday:  All day pickup from the ranch

Tuesday:     3pm-7pm        Victor Valley College

Can I volunteer to be a drop-site host? Absolutely.  We would love to talk to you about serving as a drop-site host.  There is a minimum of a 50lb order to be a drop off site depending on your distance from the ranch.  Call or email us to discuss hosting further.

What happens if I’m late or forget to pick up my share?  Members must pick up their share within the designated times.  If you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible.  If we can, we’ll try to work with you.  If you need to change your day or drop-point, just let us know.  We send out reminder emails the week before and the day before you pick-up to help you remember.  Unless we hear from you ahead of time, any items that are not picked up are forfeited.

What if I’m on vacation? Not a problem.  Have a friend or family member pick up your share or we can hold 1 month’s share for you.  You can either take a double share the next month or elect to extend your CSA by one month.  Please give us 10-days notice so that we can plan accordingly.

What about…? Have other questions? Just ask!  We love farming and we love to talk about what we do.  Give us a call, drop by or send us an email.


OK, I’m interested, how do I sign up for my CSA share?  Wonderful!  We’re so glad to have you as part of the Flip Flop Ranch family.  Complete our CSA application found here and mail or email it in with your deposit.

10 Great Reasons to Eat Local Meats from

Flip Flop Ranch’s CSA


1. Locally Raised Meat Tastes Better Meats from Flip Flop Ranch’s pasture raised livestock are born and raised on our farm and allowed access to the best pasture and grazing land possible.  This leads to consistently marbled, tender meats that are full of flavor.

2. Local Meats are Better for You  Grass-fed meats are lower in fat and cholesterol and contain healthy Omega-3s. Grass-fed meats are also chock full of CLA–a good fat with cancer fighting properties.  Because Flip Flop Ranch meats are raised with without hormones and antibiotics, you are never exposed to harmful chemical residues in you meats.

3. Local Meats Preserve Genetic Diversity  In the modern industrial agriculture system, one or two breeds of cattle, hogs, sheep, and turkeys supply nearly 100% of the food supply.  Flip Flop Ranch is committed to raising heritage breeds that support genetic diversity and have the best flavors, too.

4. Local Meats are Safer At Flip Flop Ranch, our pastures are never sprayed with toxic herbicides or chemical fertilizers that can be harmful to you and the environment.  Instead, we practice environmentally friendly, sustainable methods that are good for everyone.  There’s an assurance that comes from looking a farmer in the eye or walking in the pastures where you food comes from.  At Flip Flop Ranch, you get to “know your farmers” and know that we take our responsibility to our CSA members seriously.

5. Local Meats Support Local Family Farms In California and across the country, farmers are a vanishing breed.  Local farmers who sell direct to CSA members cut out the middleman and get full retail price for their food which means farm families like us can afford to stay on the farm and keep it active.

6. Local Meats Build Community  When you participate in a CSA and buy direct from Flip Flop Ranch, you are engaging in a time-honored connection between farmer and eater and at the same time, helping to support a local business.  Getting to know the folks who raise your food helps you know more about the place and community in which you live.  At Flip Flop Ranch, this means access to a farm where you, your children and grandchildren can learn about nature and agriculture.

7. Locally Raised Meats Preserve Open Space  Our agricultural landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable.  When you buy locally raised meats, you are doing something proactive about preserving the rural landscape

8. Locally Raised Meats Benefit the Environment and Wildlife  Flip Flop Ranch is a place where the resources of healthy, fertile soil and clean fresh water are valued.  We practice rotational grazing to allow our fields time to rest between grazings and fence cattle out of our streams and ponds.  Additionally, managing the fields naturally provides an excellent home for wildlife and burns less fossil fuel.

9. Local Meats are Sustainable  Local farms are more sustainable.  Meat from local farms is not as dependent on fossil fuel.  Unlike industrial agriculture, local meats are processed and distributed locally.  They are not trucked 1000’s of miles from farm to table.  We seek to feed our animals and our soil because we know that soil is the key to food security and environmental sustainability.

10. Local Meats are an Investment in the Future  By joining a CSA and supporting local farms like Flip Flop Ranch today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in our community tomorrow and that future generations will have access to healthy, nourishing and flavorful food.

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