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Chicks:  $6 each chick, $40 shipping (avg cost), $5 heat pad if ordering less than 25 (min 5)

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Eggs: $40, plus $15 shipping

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Breed notes:  An ancient breed having been described by Julius Caesar. Slow growing, but constant and thrifty foragers. All Dorkings make wonderful dual purpose birds for eggs and meat. The egg color is a tinted white. Skin and leg color are white. They all possess a fifth toe. They like to go broody which makes chicks scarce at times. Please be patient. They are notorious for laying during the shorter day-length time of the year so egg production from these can be quite good during the cold Winter days. They lay quite well in -25 to 100 deg.F weather. Once the warmer Spring weather arrives all the members of a particular pen can turn broody within a day or two. They are stubborn and persistent and many times, during the prime Spring hatching season, we are left with few eggs. When ordering this breed, you must understand this trait and not expect your chicks at a specific time.

The Dorking is one of the friendliest, tastiest and oldest of all the breeds of chickens.  They make great backyard pets as well as hardworking additions to the small farm.  They are good layers (about 5 medium size eggs per week) and great producers of meat.

Dorkings are a very very rare bird and a very very old breed.  Dorkings were mentioned in writings as ancient as the time of Julius Caesar.  The Romans brought them to England when they took that country over and the Dorking really caught on there, especially in the town of-did you guess?-Dorking.  Hence the name.

But Dorkings aren’t just a special breed because they’re ancient and as rare as they are old.  They’re special because they’re also a fabulously tasty breed.  In a taste test, the Dorking won first place over many other breeds including the Rhode Island Red and Cornish X who tied for second.  Dorkings are famous for their moist breast meat and the texture of the breast and thigh meat.  One blogger who attended the Chicken Choosing taste test stated “This bird is known for its fine-textured, very white meat. It is also known to be docile, calm and adaptable. They are good foragers and would make a fine addition to most backyard or farmstead flocks.”

The Dorkings also lay white eggs that won top marks in a small taste test and were described as having whites that were airy, fluffy, and full of texture.”

We have salmon, tawny, brown, grey, silver and more colors

Comments (18)

  • Dana Philpott
    August 7, 2017

    Hi I’m interested in your silver grey dorkings. I live in Bermuda. Do you ship over seas? If you can I’ll send you a permit and pay vet and shipping cost. Thanks much

    • Serina
      March 10, 2018

      No sorry we don’t.

  • Warren
    February 10, 2018

    Do you ship to Ontario CA. ?

    • Serina
      March 10, 2018

      Sure! Although you’re close enough to us that it might be worth it to just pick them up.

  • Anthea
    February 26, 2018

    Hi, do you have any colored dorkings?

    • Serina
      March 10, 2018

      I have a huge waitlist, but I’ll put you on it if you’d like.

  • Warren
    April 17, 2018

    Could you please put me on the list for colored Dorkings?

  • Jeff
    September 26, 2018

    I’m looking for Dorkings. Do you have anything available? If so, what colors?

    • Serina
      March 1, 2019

      We will have Silver Greys available in 2020.

  • Dos Santos Neves Vasco Frederico
    December 18, 2018

    Pouvez-vous envoyer les œuf en France ?

    • Serina
      March 1, 2019

      I don’t know if France allows that. Do you know the regulations?

  • Corine
    March 17, 2019

    Hi. I was wondering if you guys are selling full grown chicken.

    • Flip Flop Ranch
      March 28, 2019

      We’re not sorry. All of Southern California is actually under a New Castle Disease Quarantine so we aren’t selling any birds until it’s lifted.

  • Cindy
    March 21, 2019

    I am looking for red and colored dorkings. I was wondering if you will have any available this year. Thank you.

  • Patricia Morais
    March 24, 2019

    good afternoon
    was interested in buying 30 silver dorking eggs. Could you send paea Portugal …

    • Flip Flop Ranch
      March 28, 2019

      I’d love to but there’s strict importation laws between countries. Have you looked into these laws?

  • Pam T.
    July 10, 2019

    HI ! I contacted you several years ago when I was recovering from Cancer Therapy. I now have the place and health to pursue the chickens that I have researched some 21 years ago! Please let me know all the details pertaining to the time and cost and ways of getting some Silver Dorking chicks! Thank you!

    • Flip Flop Ranch
      July 31, 2019

      Hi Pam! So glad you’re recovered! I would love to get you some chickens, but Southern California is currently in a Newcastle Disease quarantine and nobody can buy or sell. Rumor has it they’re going to lift the quarantine by the end of the summer so fingers crossed!!

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