Pork Share (bulk)

Pork Share (bulk)

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Quick description:

Meat prices are going up everywhere and pork is projected to rise 30%. First come, first serve.  Please note: Pigs are a “seasonal” farm product at Flip Flop Ranch order yours today!! 

Half Pork $5.50 per hanging lb (usually 50lbs) + butchering fee of $125

Whole Pork $5.00 per hanging lb (usually 100lbs) + butchering fee of $250



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Description :

What will your pork share cost? 

Whole share  $700 -100lbs
Half share $400 -50lbs

Too expensive or too much all at once?

Check out our monthly subscription box!


Meat prices are going up everywhere and pork is projected to rise 30%. First come, first serve.  Please note: Pigs are a “seasonal” farm product at Flip Flop Ranch…order yours today!!


“People’s first instinct is that it’s the genetics that make it taste so good.  And that’s partly true, since the marbling, the intramuscular fat, hasn’t been bred out. However, the taste mostly comes from the way we raise them: slowly, outdoors, with great respect. They’re outside getting exercise, getting minerals from the soil, getting fresh air and clean water, and they live without stress. All that combines for flavor.”



To determine how many pigs we should grow this summer, we are going to take orders now for Half pigs.  American Guinea Hogs are small so you may want to consider purchasing a whole pig. You will need to put down a deposit to reserve your pork.

Here’s how it will work:

We will grow your pig for you and you can specify how you would like your pig butchered (custom cut) and then pay for the butchering directly to the butcher. That way you can decide how much of the pig you would like fresh, smoked or made into sausage and bacon.

What breed of pig?

We raise our own American Guinea Hogs, which is a breed chefs are raving about. Getting a good count on the number of pigs we need to raise soon (by taking orders now) will help us breed enough piglets. We prefer this heritage breed for their superior taste, quality and natural foraging ability (read more below)

How will the pigs be raised?

No hormones, no antibiotics. The pigs will have plenty of fresh air, clean water, grass in the form of hay or pasture and be fed vegetable scraps from our all-natural vegetable garden.

When and where butchered:

The pigs should be finished by the end of the year, but we ask you to be flexible as raising animals is always unpredictable. We will determine the “when” by gauging their growth rate and harvesting them at their optimum size. Eddie at Barstow Country Butchering will be processing the pigs and we are confident that he will do an excellent job.

Towards the end of the summer, each pig buyer will fill out their own custom cut sheet with the butcher (this can usually be done over the phone).

What’s the final yield?
Typically a pig will yield about 50-60% of the dressed weight. So a pig that dressed out at 200 pounds may yield about 100 pounds of meat. If you keep the head, hocks, and lard the yield will be more.

You’ll need about around 2 cubic feet of freezer space for the whole pig.

Don’t Have Enough Freezer Space For a Half Pig?

Fortunately for freezer space, Guinea Hogs are small pigs.  Consider splitting a pig (and the costs) with a friend, family member or neighbor if you still don’t have enough space or get our monthly box subscription.

How To Reserve Your Pig:

You’ll need to send a $150 deposit check or paypal it above (nonrefundable unless of course we have to cancel the order for some weird reason). You don’t have to decide on how to butcher your pig until the end of the summer and balances will be due once the butcher knows the final dressed weight. The balance owed to Flip Flop Ranch must be paid in full prior to the butcher breaking the pig down into individual cuts. From the time we email you with the final balance due, you will have 2 days to pay the outstanding balance in full to Flip Flop Ranch.

Where to Pickup Your Pork:

We will pick up your finished pork at the butcher’s and bring it back to the farm for distribution or you can pick it up from the butcher. We’ll give everyone as much notice as possible of when this will be. Please note, it will require two trips to our farm as the fresh pork comes back first and the smoked pork (ham/bacon) takes an additional 3 weeks before it is ready.

Please note: Pigs are a “seasonal” farm product at Flip Flop Ranch, we will only be growing and butchering one batch of pigs this summer… order yours today!!


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