Cotton Patch Geese Goslings for 2021

Cotton Patch Geese Goslings for 2021

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Cotton Patch geese are extremely rare and hard to find.  Our geese are wonderful!  I love these guys.  They follow you around everywhere, they climb into your lap to take a nap and best of all they AREN’T AGGRESSIVE!!  Our geese don’t bite and rarely hiss.  Geese that show ANY aggression are culled from the flock.  We breed our geese for friendliness, meat production and weeding abilities (they were originally used to weed the cotton fields of the south until chemicals were brought in and made them “useless”).  No more locking your geese up and never interacting with them.  No more running from a flock of honking terrorists.  No more bruises or broken skin.  Help preserve this endangered goose and enjoy doing it!!


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Description :

Goslings are sold out until 2021!!  Sorry about that

Geese are $75 each.  Shipping is purchased separately here.

There is a minimum shipping charge of $45 unless you purchase a group of ten goslings and then it’s free!  The Small Order of as few as 2 birds includes the special 60 hour heat pack (which we add when we feel it’s necessary). We feel this is an excellent way to meet the needs of those that can only raise a few birds.

Please check to see if livestock can be shipped to your post office.  It is your responsibility to check on weather conditions.  We can only do so much to determine what the weather is like where you’re at.  Let us know if it’s too cold or too hot.

You are also welcome to pick your birds up from the ranch for free.


  • We don’t refund if you change your mind within 30 days of breeding season and cancel your order
  • We don’t refund if the goslings die in transit (unfortunately we can’t take responsibility for what the post office does, however there may be insurance provided by the post office.  The availability of this varies with the law at the time of shipping)
  • We don’t refund if they make it to your home alive and then die under your care.  But please ask us for tips and we will be more than willing to help you out because we love these geese!
  • We don’t refund because you think you could have done “it” better (replace the “it” with whatever-shipping, packing, breeding, breathing, etc.)
  • We don’t refund shipping for any reason if the animals have shipped



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