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  • Apologies: I’ve been away exploring the world

    bike at nyhavn copenhagen denmark

      I have sorely neglected this poor website.  I had the amazing opportunity to get away from it all and spend a month touring europe and doing photography.     I started my trip in Ireland where I got to catch up with some old friends and then photograph a wedding.  What an amazing experience.  […]

  • A new little highland cow baby! Frigging adorable!

    Merida the Highland Calf We are the proud new owners of the most adorable little critter on the planet.  I mean barring the hundreds of other highland cow babies born this spring.  No, our’s is definitely cuter. We decided to name this adorable little girl, Merida from the Disney movie Brave.  Why not?  First of […]

  • Why I’ve quit farming…sort of

    I have been struggling the past few years to have a farm and I and my family recently came to the conclusion that we don’t want a farm.  We want a homestead. What’s wrong with farming? A farm is centered around production.  You are trying to build an agricultural empire (of whatever size) where you […]

  • Weddings at the ranch!

    It has been a dream for my mother that she has a wedding venue here at Flip Flop Ranch.  There are literally piles of magazines all around the house: Brides, Vogue Wedding Edition, The Knot and more.  This is nothing new, these piles have …always been here or so it feels. I admit, the idea […]

  • There is a pelican in my trunk

    There is literally a pelican in my trunk. I got a call from a friend this morning who informed me there was a pelican on the side of the road with a broken wing. She needed help because it was trying to bite her and of course this is the countryside and there were literally […]

  • Barn Weddings at the Ranch!

    Our family has always had the dream of hosting weddings in our big red barn.  I mean, I personally would love to have a rustic wedding and get married on the farm..I just need to find a groom! We have finally scheduled our very first wedding for January 2017 and are rushing to get the […]

  • What you should know about giving treats to your chickens

    Favorite Treats for Chickens A lot of people want to know what do chickens eat? One thing is treats. Chickens absolutely love to eat treats–most treats. Some they don’t like, but more important, did you know that some treats are good for chickens and others can be dangerous? For example, while chickens love potatoes, you […]

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