Monthly Subscription Plans


As much as you’d like to purchase a ton of yummy farm fresh meat, alot of people have a hard time affording half a cow or an entire pig and they also struggle to have space to store it.

We have a solution!

We offer a monthly subscription plan where you commit to purchasing a share of beef or pork and then we distribute it to you in monthly boxes.  And the best part is you also pay monthly payments.

The monthly share includes a range of meats from ground beef to ribs to filet mignon. We try our best to split your share to include a variety of cut qualities. Ground beef for instance being a lower quality cut and filet mignon being the best.  All the meat is cut and professionally vacuum sealed.

We take your entire share that you purchased and we simply divide it into 4, 6, or 12 boxes. This means that each box will contain different cuts and once you have been given all your meat of a certain variety, then that’s all you get. So for example, you get two hams with the purchase of a whole pig. Once you are given your two hams, you won’t get another ham (unless you want to buy another pig!).

The really nice thing about buying monthly boxes is it isn’t as overwhelming as purchasing a huge investment of meat at one time!


Beef Payment Plans


Whole beef 12 months
$400/ month
500 lb beef share
40 lbs/month
Half beef 12 months
$220/ month
250 lb beef share
20/lb per month
Quarter beef 12 months
$125/ month
125 lb beef share
12.5 lb/month

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Pork Payment Plans


Whole Pork Share-6 months
$155/month for 6 months
100 lb pork share
15lbs per month
Double Pork Share-12 months
$145/month for 12 months
200 lb pork share
15/lbs per month
*Cheaper because you're subscribing for 12 months!
Half Pork Share-4 months
$120/month for 4 months
50 lb pork share
12.5 lbs per month

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