Let’s start with the Why

The USDA requires that farmers do one of two things to sell meat:

  1. Take animals to a USDA approved facility to be butchered, or
  2. Sell a share of the live animal and use a certified custom butcher.

We choose to to do the second option and here’s why. The closest USDA approved butchering facility is three hours away. This means that to process an animal, we would have to hire a livestock truck, chase the animals around until we manage to get them in, drive them three hours and then herd them off the truck into a strange location of cement and metal and the smell of strange animals and death. No thank you.

We started farming because we wanted to raise healthy animals in as humane a way as possible. We were disgusted by the industrial farm method of raising animals in confinement where they are miserable, sick and sometimes abused. We were even more disgusted by the fear, stress, and dare I even say torture, that animals faced at USDA inspected butchering facilities.

If we were willing to do that to our animals, we would have never bothered to have our own farm.

On the other hand, a custom butcher (which is also inspected and approved by the government) comes out to the ranch so the animals never have to leave the peace and quiet of their home. We give them a bit of grain or fruit and when their end comes, they are calmly munching away in animal happiness.

Our motto is that our animals only have one bad day. And that day we still make as happy as possible.

How it works

When you purchase meat from us, you’re actually purchasing the live animal and then we arrange for you the butchering, cutting and packaging of what is technically your own livestock. No you don’t ever have to meet, take home, feed or otherwise find a place for your cow or pig at home! You also don’t ever have to deal with the butcher unless you’d like to. You can however, boast to your friends that you own a cow, pig or goat. And you are certainly welcome to visit the farm and meet your animal!

Basically, this process will feel to you like you are purchasing high quality meat and that’s it. You purchase and we take care of all the rest for you until you put nicely vacuum sealed slices of steak or chops in your freezer.

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