House Rules

This is our family home. We ask that you treat it as if it was your own, and enjoy it as if it was yours as well. Please do not exceed 15 persons in the home at any time as this is regulated by the county and any complaints of overbooking of the maximum allowed (15), can cause the reservation to be canceled without refund.

Cleaning fee includes customary bathroom sanitation, vacuume, dusting and standard cleaning of entire 2,700sf home including laundering linens and making all beds. However, Guests are required to wash all soiled pots/pans/dishes and remove all trash and perishables from the property upon check out. A free dump site is available nearby with directions at the property. Our cleaning crew charges $25/hr for any excess cleaning or trash removal, if required.

No Pets & No Smoking inside the home is allowed. Guests found in violation of this rule will be asked to depart immediately and forfeit their entire $500 cleaning deposit.

Guest Occupancy Agreement and the Participation Agreement signing is required and can be downloaded here:

Guest Occupancy Agreement

Participation Agreement.


THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this __th day of __________, 20__, by and between: Flip flop Ranch, as Owner, and: _______________________, as Owner’s Guest.

Primary Guest information is: _____________________
Principal residence: _______________________
E-mail: ____________________
CA Drivers Lic #______________
Telephone # ________________

1.PROPERTY: Owner rents to Guest and Guest hires from Owner the “premises” described as: One Furnished 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom Home (aka:Farm House) located at:

9522 Donaldson Road
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

2.TERMS: Guest agrees to pay the full rental amount of $______, an exit cleaning fee of $165.00, optional trash removal fee of $50, plus Airbnb booking fees in advance, and a refundable $500 security deposit prior to occupancy. All fees and security deposit may be collected by (website hidden).

The above rental amount pays for ___ nights on the following days:
Check in Date: ___/___/2015 Check out Date: ___/___/2015

Check in time is 4:00pm and Check out time is 11:00am unless noted otherwise.

3.CANCELATION: Rental Reservations are non-refundable. However, if cancelled by Guest prior to 1 weeks before the reservation start date, 50% of the total reservation fee will be refunded. No refunds or cancellations will be allowed due to bad weather, road conditions, mechanical failure, power outages, act’s of nature, sightings of insects, rodents or other animals in or near the property, nor for malfunctions of spas or any other specific features of the property. If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, Guest must notify the Owner and Airbnb as soon as possible, and confirm your cancellation with Airbnb. Owner may cancel this Agreement at any time. In the event that Owner cancels this reservation prior to your occupancy of the premises, Owner shall, or shall instruct Airbnb to, refund all monies previously paid.
[ ______ ] [ ______ ] Guest initials
4.RELEASE of LIABILITY for RISK (known and unknown): Guest understands and Agrees to hold Owner Harmless against, and Assume all liability for loss of personal property and or injury to himself or any other guest occupant or visitor of the property, by any cause including but not limited to: foul weather, acts of nature, heat, fire, hot water, spa’s, electricity, oven/stoves, insects or animals, and further Agrees not to hold Owner liable for any injury or loss of any kind occurring at the property during Guest stay. Guest also agrees to take extreme caution at all times when water, ice or snow are present and assumes all risks of moving in or around the property. Guest understands and agrees it is his responsibility to clear or remove any accumulation of snow or ice, as needed for safe ingress and egress to or from the property, at all times during his stay. Guest also agrees to inform all other guest occupants and visitors to the property of this Release of Liability for Risk and to inform each of them of their responsibilities in assuming risk of injury or loss while at the property. [ ______ ] [ ______ ] Guest initials
5.LATE DEPARTURE AND OCCUPANCY EXTENSION CHARGES: A late departure rental fee, which may be higher than the initial rental rate, will be added to any extension of occupancy past the agreed check out time, subject to prior approval by the Owner/Manager (8 hours or less shall be charged ½ the daily rate).
6.SECURITY DEPOSITS: Security deposits may be used to pay any and/or all of the following charges: Trash Removal ($50 minimum), Unpaid rental amounts, Late Departure fees, Excessive utility usage, Locksmith or re-key fees, Cost for repair of damages or replacement of Property Equipment (Spa’s) or Furnishings, Cleaning of property after departure, including extra cost for excessive cleaning of spa and stain removal or cleaning of any smoke/ash, vomit, pet, urine or blood stains or residue, and/or any damages whatsoever beyond normal wear and tear. In the event that damages exceed the amount of the security deposit, or are discovered after the return of Guest security deposit, Guest agrees to pay all cost/charges for any damages caused as a result of their stay, immediately upon being informed of said fees or damages.[ ______ ______ ] Guest initials
7.GUEST INSTRUCTIONS: Guest agrees to follow all instructions contained in or made a part of this Agreement and/or posted at the property. Failure to follow said instructions may result in unforeseen injury or property damage to which Guest hereby assumes full responsibility, even if said damages are not known at the time of check-out or if they become known after the return of Guest security deposit.
[ ______ ______ ] Guest initials
(website hidden) ORDINANCE RULES: This property is located within a residential community and controlled by City Ordinances regulating the Transient Occupancy of Private Homes. This Home is Licensed for a maximum of 15 occupants. Any violations of Law or excess occupancy of the property may result in civil fines and/or immediate forfeiture of the rented property without refund. Only Guest signing this Agreement may authorize another guest/occupant for entry into the property and he/they is/are responsible for controlling occupancy at all times. Guest may not authorize a total of more than 15 guests or occupants, including him-self, at any time.
[ _______ _______ ] Guest initials
9.ALLOWED USES and RESTRICTIONS: The premises may be used for any lawful residential use in accordance with the laws of the city and state where the property is located. Excepting the following additional restrictions: No parties or social gatherings with more than 15 persons at any given time. No amplified music or sounds so as to be heard outside of said rental unit. At no time may the property be used for automotive repair tasks or the conduct of any business activity, including the production of film or photographic materials for any commercial use or purpose, without the prior written consent of Owner. [ ______ ] [ ______ ] Guest initials
10.NON-SMOKING: All properties are non-smoking. Any guest found in violation of this rule will be charged a minimum additional housekeeping fee of $50.00 Smoking is permitted outside provided ashes and butts are properly disposed of in fire safe cans.
[ ______ ] [ ______ ] Guest initials
11.PARKING: Parking of up to 3 Guest’s registered vehicles is permitted on elevated parking deck year round, and 3 more cars on sloping driveway any time except winter months (November-March) or any time freezing weather is expected. Any damages caused or resulting from failure of Guest to follow these rules will be the sole responsibility of Guest.
[ ______ ______ ] Guest initials
12.MAINTENANCE AND ALTERATION: Owner and Guest shall make every effort to maintain the property in good condition during Guest stay. Guest agrees to report any items not working as soon as possible to Owner and understands that unforeseen repairs may be required during their stay. Guest further agrees to allow Owner to schedule repairs of any items not working as soon as practically possible but that repairs are not guaranteed to be completed during rental days. Guest shall not repair alter or move any furnishings nor install anything including decoration or temporary items inside or outside of the home without prior written consent of Owner.
13.CHANGE OF TERMS: The terms and conditions of this Agreement are subject to change by Owner, after the expiration of the original rental period, upon giving 24 hours advance written notice via e-mail or fax.
14.INSURANCE: Guest acknowledges that no insurance is provided by Owner and Owner’s insurance does not cover Guest’s personal property or any damage caused by fire, smoke, heat, cold, water, rain, theft, war, acts of god, acts of others, or any other causes, nor shall Owner be held liable for any such losses. Guest is hereby advised to obtain his own insurance policy to cover personal loses.
15.RIGHT OF ENTRY AND INSPECTION: Owner, his agents, employees or subcontractors may enter, inspect, service or repair the rented premise at any time in the event of an emergency or suspected Guest departure. Owner shall give Guest 24 hours notice of intent to enter the premise for the performance of cleaning services, scheduled maintenance or repairs. In the event that Guest is required to temporarily vacate the premises for work to be performed, Guest shall receive 24 hour advance notice by Owner of need to temporarily vacate space. Guest hereby agrees that Guest will be solely compensated for his temporary displacement by a reduction in rent corresponding to the portion of the premise required to be vacated for said number of days. No other compensation shall be offered to Guest for moving expense or any other expense associated with temporary vacation of the premise or portion thereof.
16.ADDITIONS AND EXCEPTIONS:________________________________
Please call 24 hours in advance to verify availability of an earlier check-in, or a later, up to 4:00pm, checkout without penalty.

17.REMEDY AGREEMENT: In the event of any breach of this agreement or any dispute hereunder, all parties, their heirs and assigns consent to the judicial jurisdiction of the County of San Bernardino, State of California. Should any disputes arise by and between the parties to this Agreement, their heirs or assigns, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its actual attorney’s fees and cost in relation thereto.

18.ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Owner and Guest. No oral agreements have been made. The undersigned Guest’s are jointly and severally responsible for all obligations under this agreement and shall indemnify the Owner for liability caused by the actions (commission or omission) of Guest, their guests or invitees.
19.RECEIPT OF AGREEMENT: Guest hereby certifies that he/she is fluent in the English language, has read and fully understands this agreement and has received a complete copy of this “Occupancy Agreement”.

___________________________ __________________________________
Guest Date

This Agreement shall be deemed accepted by Owner upon Guest complete acceptance and signing of this Agreement, and confirmation of receipt of all rental amounts due and as evidenced by the issuance of Airbnb Confirmation number ________.



Participant’s Name: _______________________________________ School:____________________________
Date of visit: ________________Grade: _______ Date of Birth: _______________ Male _ Female __
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian (if Participant is minor)
Name: _________________________________________________Relationship: ___________________
Day Phone: _________________________ ___ Cell Phone: ___________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________(URL HIDDEN) City: _____________________
State: __________ Zip: __________
Doctor’s Name: ____________________________Doctor’s Phone Number:____________________
Medical Insurance Provider:_______________________________ Policy#:________________________________
Emergency Contact(s)
Name: ___________________________________ Relation: ______________________________
Email: __________________________________
Day phone: __________________________ Evening phone: __________________________
Cell phone: ________________
**Please be as detailed as possible to ensure your child has the best care while at Flip Flop Ranch.

Allergies: Bee Stings Environmental Medications Food/Drinks Other (Please describe any of the allergies listed):
I understand that Flip Flop Ranch staff does not carry epinephrine for the treatment of allergic reactions which might occur during the our programs. If my Minor Participant has a known life- threatening allergy, or if I have been advised that he or she should be prepared for a possible serious allergic reaction, my Minor Participant has been provided with auto- injectable epinephrine and a physician’s instructions for its use, and I have instructed my Minor Participant to have these available at all times during the Program. If my Minor Participant is enrolling in the Program as part of a school or other group, I have also informed the person in charge of the school or other group of this allergy and any applicable physician -prescribed protective measures.

Are there any medications your child takes regularly? If so, please describe in detail:
In the event of an emergency, if I cannot be reached, I authorize any adult chaperone or Flip Flop Ranch staff to obtain medical care for my Minor Participant.


At Flip Flop Ranch, you and/or your child may participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities, which may include hiking, exploring the natural environment, stewardship activities (for example farm tasks such as planting or harvesting), and working or interacting with animals (including goats, sheep, chicken, ducks and bees). I understand that outdoor activities during a visit to Flip Flop Ranch expose participants to a variety of risks, foreseen and unforeseen, some of which are inherent and cannot be eliminated. These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, environmental risks and hazards, including plants, insects, snakes and domesticated and wild animals; and unpredictable forces of nature such as weather. For myself and/or my Minor Participant, I agree to assume, to the fullest extent of the law, the risks of participation, known and unknown, inherent or not, and whether or not such risks are described above.

I, an adult Participant or Parent or Guardian of a Minor Participant, for myself and on behalf of that Minor Participant, agree to release, indemnify, protect, and hold harmless, and promise not to sue, Flip Flop Ranch and/or its affiliated institutes, and/or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, and insurers (the “Released Parties”), with respect to any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, or liabilities, including, but not limited to, claims for personal injury or death, which I or my Minor Participant may suffer, arising out of or in any way related to my, or my Minor Participant’s, participation in the Flip Flop Ranch program. The claims hereby released and indemnified against include those caused by or arising from the negligence of a Released Party, or any of them, but not those caused by or arising from any reckless or intentionally wrong act or omission.


I agree that Flip Flop Ranch and its designees may use, without restriction or compensation, my likeness, or that of my Minor Participant, whether in photographs, motion pictures or audio or video recordings, as well as any writing, artwork and/or testimonials created by me or my Minor Participant and submitted to Flip Flop Ranch. I agree that once submitted, these materials shall become the property of Flip Flop Ranch. Visual documentation helps Flip Flop Ranch share and promote its work, connecting people to healthy food, farming and the natural environment. Your/your child’s name or age will not appear in any Flip Flop Ranch print or online materials.

I have carefully read, understand and agree to abide by this Agreement.

Name of Participant(s): ________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian for Minor Participant Print Name Date

Adult Participant Signature (if age 18 or older) Print Name Date

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