Feeding the animals

Feeding the animals

What is a farmstay?

A farmstay is simply a stay at a real farm.  This isn’t a sterile hotel or resort.  It’s a real working farm with everything that goes with it (read what to expect).

The front of the guest house

The front of the guest house

How big is the farm?

We have 40 acres surrounding the barn and farmhouses located in the middle of the wild west desert.  We also own another parcel nearby, a 103 acre alfalfa farm.  We have approximately 300 animals we care for at any one time.

Where is the farm located?

The farm is located in the high desert, on the outskirts of a tiny town called Lucerne Valley.  The mojave desert is a vast and beautiful remnant of the wild west.  

An intern exercising one of our horses

Exercising one of the horses

What other animals live at the farm?

cattle ranch guest ranch farmstay

We’re a diversified farm with lots of different animals.

Children usually feel kittens are the most important farm animal, followed by the goars. Kittens and cats live in the cat house, but they do try their best to sneak into the house. The dogs come in and out of the houses freely.   We have assorted barn animals, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, pigs, geese, horses and sheep.

Do we get to ride horses?

Starting in february 2014 yes you do!

Do guests have to do farm chores?

campfire pit guest ranch farmstay all inclusive vacation

Some young guests helping dig the fire pit.

No.  Guests are free to do whatever they wish.  This is a farm vacation, not a working vacation.  However, you’re welcome to join in if you want.

What activities are there for my children?

There are a lot of animals for young guests to see as well as often puppies and kittens which little kids adore.  Our fire pit is really fun when the sun goes down.  Children enjoy roasting marshmallows and making smores.  We also have some farm-related craft activities we can suggest for you to do with your child while you’re here if you’re interested.  We have a box of toys for kids to play with as well as some games and coloring books.

Having said all this, we really do suggest that you just let your child be a farm kid while on the farm.  Let them play in the dirt, find worms, make mud pies.  Kids find great ways to entertain themselves when they’re able to be in nature.

Kittens activities for young kids

Kittens are always the kids’ favorite

What activities are there for adults?

Adults are  welcome to join in with the farm chores-feeding the animals, milking the goats, mucking stalls, taking care of babies and more.  But if you have purchased the all-inclusive stay or the activities upgrade, you can also participate in our horse program with trail riding twice per day, grooming, training, mucking, and sometimes socializing the foals when we have them!  You can also participate in archery and various farming classes such as soap making, cheese making, and baking.  We try to make activities good for the entire family to do together!

Many people take off to see the sights, such as Big Bear or Joshua Tree National Park.  Feel free to read any of our numerous books, play a game or take a hike.  You can usually get Thomas to throw a baseball around with you as well.

vacations for adults

Playing baseball with Thomas

Is a farm dirty?

A farm by it’s very nature is dirty as dirt is the foundation of every crop that is grown.  Soil is valuable and cared for here at the ranch as much as the crops that grow from it or the animals that live on it.  Animals do make messes, but a “mess” is another valuable commodity on a farm as it provides nutrients that make your food, and in turn makes you a healthy person.  Having said all this, we do try to maintain order and cleanliness.  But if you have a phobia of dirt, bugs, or manure then this may not be the place for you.  This is a REAL farm, not a hollywood set.

Getting dirty during a gardening class

Getting dirty during a gardening class

How long can we stay? 

A long as you wish!  On average, our guests stay from three to 10 days, but we are happy to welcome those who are traveling through the Southern California area, or who can only get away from home for a quick visit, so as few as two night stays are just fine!  We are open year round with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

family activities child friendly

Farming is a family affair

Why do you open your farmhouses to strangers?

To tell the truth, we have so many repeat visitors, fewer and fewer are strangers. Our guests feel like they have become our extended family!!  We are equally delighted to welcome new guests into our home and into our family.  The relationships with folks from across the country and around the world have made our lives truly enriched.

We consider ourselves advocates for agriculture.  Opening our home to visitors is about sharing our way of life and talking with interested guests about farming.  Our guests speak to us about how the experience has helped them better appreciate the contribution of family farms to the economy and to the social fabric of our country.

farmstay farm vacation rural holiday guest ranch

Farms bring us into closer contact with nature

Why do people choose a farm vacation? 

Guests come for many different reasons – to relax, escape the city, enjoy nature, celebrate a special occasion, reminisce or experience the simple pleasures of a vanishing way of life.  There are so many reasons, but it really boils down to hospitality and companionship.

What do guests get out of a farm vacation?

We hope the experience is both fun and fulfilling. We believe guests learn a lot from their firsthand experience with a unique way of life and become more aware of the connection between farmers and the food that ultimately arrives on their own dinner table.  Guests have expressed that they have a deeper understanding and are more selective in their purchase of farm products when they return home, particularly after milking a goat or bottle-feeding a lamb!

farm holiday farmstay guest ranch

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