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When scientists finally patented a genetically modified human being, a soldier who was stronger, faster, harder to kill and more aggressive, this superior new person seemed to be an evolutionary step in the right direction.  It kept the non-modified people safe-or we thought it would.  But it all soon went terribly wrong.  These new humans had very little ability to think and the military quickly lost control of them.  They became killing machines.  The virus that was used to modify the DNA of these super soldiers was able to be spread through a bite.  The world’s first zombie had been made.

The virus swept through the rest of the world decimating the population and collapsing modern civilization.  You were one of the smart ones.  You had prepared with a food supply, a bunker, and weapons.  Now your food supply is running low.

Through the survivor network that developed over the years, you get ahold of some seeds and livestock, even a few young fruit trees.  But what do you do with them?  Do you know how to plant the seeds, grow them, fight the pests that want to eat them?  Do you know how to harvest the plant and collect seeds for next year?  How do you butcher a chicken?  How do you milk a goat?  How do you even keep these animals alive?  There’s so much you don’t know…

The Flip Flop Ranch Farm School helps people  learn what it takes to grow their own food and raise your their animals.  We also teach you other homesteading skills such as soap making, canning, sewing, butchering and enjoying the simple life.

vision goal

Our vision is to create a resurgence of self-sufficiency within the American culture.  Even without the threat of a zombie apocalypse, today’s global food shortage and rising prices have most of world’s population on edge. Whether it’s crop-destroying freezes, hurricanes and tornadoes, mega-wildfires and droughts, nuclear contamination, flooding, infestations or speculators on Wall Street, food availability is no longer a given in modern civilization, especially when most of us don’t know how to raise our own food.  A recent survey found that if required, only 2% of our population would have the ability to feed itself.

Our classes, tours and overnight farmstay on a real working farm teach those who are prepping for doomsday, wanting to learn to farm, or just concerned about what goes into their body.  In our opinion, it’s all the same thing.

Flip flop Ranch

There are many programs out there to teach people various survival techniques, but food is the most fundamental need that we have and is the least addressed topic.  Our goal is to encourage people to be self-sufficient.  Maybe you won’t get into farming like we are, but we want you to leave with new knowledge and an appreciation of farmers.

Self-Reliance isn’t some fringe behavior. It isn’t radical or socially deviant. Self-sufficiency has been the norm throughout all of human history.  The main goal, to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family – is valid, logical and in this day and age rare. When did it become crazy to want to be able to protect and care for your family if something bad happens?

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