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Canning peppers

How to Make Your Own Home Canned Peppers (easy, complete directions with photos, ingredients and costs You think making and canning your own peppers is difficult or expensive? Not at all! The only trick is, you really do need a pressure canner. So, here’s how to can peppers! The directions are complete with instructions in easy steps and completely illustrated. In the winter when you open a jar, the peppers will taste MUCH better than any store-bought canned peppers. You DO need a pressure canner! If you don’t have one, you can still make pickled peppers – see this page….

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Homemade Fly Trap

I found some awesome plans online for homemade fly traps.  These come from a book published in 1915 back when people still did things for themselves.  The book is Shop Projects based on community problems.  What a concept!  It does make sense though considering the time period.  This was the age of American Functionalism, an early movement in psychology that said we should apply the ideas of psychology towards making a better society and teaching children to be good citizens.  These ends were to be achieved through hands on, practical tasks. So here’s the basic idea.  I will update this as…

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Homemade ice cream

Making homemade ice cream is so easy and so much fun.  Well, it does take a little bit of exercise if you make it how we do with an authentic 1920s antique hand crank machine. However, you can cheat and use an electric machine.  We don’t think it tastes nearly as good, but it’s still way better than store bought.  Here’s the recipe we use for basic vanilla:   2 cups heavy cream 1 cup whole milk 3/4 cup sugar a dollop of vanilla (probably like a tbsp) a pinch of kosher salt   Put it in and let it stir stir…

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