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When Cows attack (and why you need to be willing to get rid of an aggressive animal)

This morning was a scary moment for me.  I was ran down by a cow. Cows are the number 1 cause of injuries and the number 2 cause of death for farmers right after tractors.  After this morning I believe it.   Fortunately for me, it was our 6 month old Highland calf who ran me down.  Having said that, she’s not some adorable little fluffy thing.  Well she is adorable and fluffy, but she probably weighs 600 pounds at this point and she was pretty effective at causing damage the day she was born. What happened Merida (named after…

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A new little highland cow baby! Frigging adorable!

Merida the Highland Calf We are the proud new owners of the most adorable little critter on the planet.  I mean barring the hundreds of other highland cow babies born this spring.  No, our’s is definitely cuter. We decided to name this adorable little girl, Merida from the Disney movie Brave.  Why not?  First of all Highland cows are a Scottish breed and then she’s a red head.  It’s perfect.  Plus this little calf has zero fear.  She doesn’t understand why she needs to stay in the pen with her mom and is constantly slipping out to go explore.  Adorable…

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