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Visiting the vet

A Visit to the Vet Our poor puppy, Agatha, has had quite a tough life. She spent many weeks of her early life at the vet with a flu and now she’s back at the vet with possibly an autoimmune disease. She’s the sweetest dog ever, but that’s strange and worrisome in and of itself as bloodhounds tend to be little knuckleheads that slowly grow out of it into big knuckleheads. I say that fondly of course. The vet suspects Aggie has masticatory muscle myosotis. This is where the immune system sees the chewing muscles as foreign and begins to…

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Farm Dogs

Dogs have always played an important role on the farm from helpers, to protectors to simple companionship.  And the breeds are just as varied.  There’s no wrong breed for the job of farm dog, but each dog has special and unique abilities. The dogs of Flip Flop Ranch At my farm, we have two different breeds of dogs: Bloodhounds and Brussels Griffons.  The hound personality just seems ideally suited to farmlife-easy going, but willing to work hard when asked.  Hounds of all varieties are fantastic for hunting, but our’s are actually trained to hunt people.  We work with police departments…

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Existential Farming

Farming is very existential. Today, we put down one of our bloodhounds and we welcomed 60 new baby chickens into the world.  Yes farming is very existential. Existentialism is the idea that there are inescapable elements of human existence such as isolation, powerlessness, responsibility and death.  These realities are things that we don’t want to face.  We ignore the realities, lose ourselves in activities that make us forget reality and do whatever it takes to defend ourselves from acknowledging the truths of existence.  Many of the issues people face are due to existential truths rather than what we therapists call…

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Sick old hound dog

Scarlette is almost eleven years old, which is pretty old for a bloodhound.  She is blind, but gets around like a pro.  Her nose still works and she still chases cats.  Well at least up to a week ago.  She got out on accident and was hit by a car.  The vet checked her out and everything seemed fine, but then she started getting stiffer, and lost weight and seemed in pain and then a couple days ago she couldn’t stand up anymore.  We’ve been nursing her and doing everything we can, but it doesn’t look like it’s helping. There’s…

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