I was perusing the internet this morning to get inspiration for a blog post.  This morning it was a bit depressing.  Turns out the IRS (of all things) is training their workers with AR-15s.  Those are assault rifles people.  Why does the IRS need assault rifles?  Are they going to shoot us for not paying our taxes?  I didn’t really want to write about this on a lovely sunday morning so I moved on.

Next I found that Kraft’s Mac and Cheese has to be labeled in the UK to explain that it has GMOs and any potential harm that can be done by eating it.  Somebody brought a box back to the US and the NY Times published an article about it.  Here is the label:

Made from GMO wheat (although Kraft claims this isn’t true) and may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children (because of the yellow dye and Kraft doesn’t argue with this one)

Anyhow, that was another disturbing sunday morning idea I didn’t want to think about.  So I finally settled on this:

Picture 6


OMG seriously?  This looks so amazing.  Although it’s another depressing thing for me this morning because it calls for eggs and I’m allergic to them, I’m hopeful that egg alternative powder might work for this.  I mean com’on!  BROWN SUGAR ICING?  My sugar addiction is flaring up and I’ve only looked at the picture.

If you’re religious, you know the Bible says that we’re supposed to meditate on things that are good and beautiful.  What could be more uplifting on a sunday morning than thinking about brown sugar icing?  Get the recipe by signing up for our newsletter below and go to church!


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